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I am 19 years old and I am pressing 220 lbs, but I am a man,

I think the percent of woman that can press 200 is about 4 procent,.

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92 % of men can chest press 200 lbs.

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Q: What percentage of women can bench press 200 pounds?
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Woman bench press record with 225 lbs?

Not possible....women have to stay in the kitchen

What is world record bench press?

Becca Swanson has been on the juice for over 15 years. She benched that 600lb in a triple bench shirt and in the dirty class, juiced the f@cked up! Bench shirt gave her like 400+ on her bench Becca Swanson, 600.8 pounds

What percentage of men like women with a few extra pounds?

The percentage of men who like women with a few extra pounds is directly related to the amount of dead people who are alive.

What is an above average bench press?

There are several factors. A persons body weight and age are a pretty good indicator. This is very general of course. To be a good bench presser its usually a matter of simple practice and technique. However if you can rep your own weight you are most likely above average. If you can max out at 100lbs past your weight thats also a good indicator your pretty strong. Ex: 175 body weight x 10 or 275 at one rep max.

What is the world record for bench pressing?

AnswerThe current world record bench press is 1070 Lbs or (476.3 Kilos) by USA Ryan Kennelly.The heaviest Raw squat is 324.3 Kg By Scott Mendelson. However, Ryan has done 2 reps raw at 275 kg with utter ease.

How much weight can some female celebrities bench press?

Cameron Diaz = 185lbs Jennifer Lopez= 165lbs Serena Williams = 225lbs Kelly Ripa = 155lbs

What percentage of men can benchpress twice their bodyweight?

Yes, with a little bit of determination and workouts you can bench double your weight, though that takes some time. Get into the gym. Remember, Sleep BIG, Eat BIG, LIFT BIG. Whoever answered above is absolutely right. Almost everyone has the potential to bench their bodyweight and i would reasonably guess that almost every motivated, disciplined male can bench press twice his bodyweight eventually. There are even some prime lifters who can bench press almost 3 TIMES their own bodyweight!

Can the average woman beat a man in arm wrestling?

Yes, but he'd have to be a man with below average strength. Women can beat men, but the women have to be strong to do so. If a woman can bench 200 pounds then she could beat most men at armwrestling.

How to get bigger chest muscles?

you've got to do it the old fashion way keep stretching your shoulders back while pulling in with an rubber rope to gain more power of yourself and built your upper chest to where the women like it.

Where can I purchase bench coats for women?

One can purchase bench coats for woman from a number of online source and stores. Buckle is one online source from which one can purchase bench coats for women.

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The answer will depend on what exactly you are trying to measure:working women in the US as a percentage of women in the US,women working in the US as a percentage of women working in the world,working women in the US as a percentage of worker in the US.There are probably other possibilities.

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Hollywood Women's Press Club was created in 1928.