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Sounds like homework.

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Q: What percentage of the batter's box is fair territory?
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Is the batters box fair territory?

No, the batter's box is in foul territory.

Is batters box in fair territory?

Part of it is in fair territory. If you extend the foul line all the way to the back point of the plate, that portion of the batter's box in front of that line is in fair territory.

Is batters box fair territory?

NO, if the ball bounces in the batter's box the hit is automatically called a foul ball.

Is a ball that settles in batters box fair?

No, all of the boxes are in foul territory. The only actual "designated" areas in fair territory are the bases and the pitcher's mound.

A batted ball comes to rest in batters box is it foul or fair?

Most of the batter's box is in foul territory, but some of it is in fair territory, so it depends where the batted ball comes to rest.

If the ball is sturck and does not leave the area of the batter box is the ball fair are foul?

Foul. The batters box is considered foul territory.

Is a batter out if he hits a pitch that bounces in fair territory and then hits him?

yes if is out of the batters box, otherwise it is a foul ball

If a batted ball hits in the batters box and goes fair is it fair or foul?

If a batted ball hits in the batters box and goes fair is it a fair or foul ball?

A batted ball hits home plate then strikes the batter while still in the batters box and rolls into fair territory is this a fair ball?

No, ball is dead and is considered a foul ball.

When a batter hits a fair ball and their bat strikes the ball in fair territory is the batter is out?

If the batter is still in the batters box, it is a foul ball, otherwise, the batter will be ruled out, and it is a dead ball with runners returning to their bases This is wrong, if the ball hits the bat a second time in fair territory the batter is out, standing in the batters box means nothing in this rule. see MLB rule 6.05 h

If the ball is in fair territory and you kick it and have one foot in batters box are you out?

The batter would be out. However, if both feet were in the batter's box, then the batter would not be out and it would be ruled a foul ball.

Is the entire batters box in foul territory?

No. If you draw a line from the back point of home plate down each foul line (to the outside edge of 1st and 3rd, then everything in front of the lines is in fair territory. For example: If a left handed hitter lays down a bunt that falls in the right hander's batters box, in front of the plate, and inside the third base foul line, then it is a fair ball. I hope that makes a little sense.

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