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Tennis is a great sport for girls of all ages

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Q: Would tennis be a good sport for a girl?
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Why is tennis a good sport to play?

Sport is good .. Tennis is a sport .. so tennis is a good sport to play?

What is good sport for woman?

Softball or tennis

What sport did Sally Ride play as a young girl?

Sally Ride played tennis as a young girl.Plus,she was very good at it too!

What is a good sport to do?

Badminton Gymnastics Basketball Soccer tennis

What is a good name for a girl's team?

um a good one would be SuperChics or BoyDominaters but it depends on what sport your playing for gymnastics it would be bendy, amazing, spellbound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

Is tennis a boys or girls sport?

I think Girls are better because girls are good at everything!!!!! Tennis is a sport for both boys and girls. All people can play tennis no matter of gender.

What sport did Henry VIII invent?

he invented tennis and squash(good answer)

Why did rafeal nadal pick tennis as his life sport?

if your as good as he is why wouldn't you!

What sport would you need good reactions in?

basically every sport. Such as football, rugby, tennis and cricket. The only sport that 'mabye' doesn't is swimming, so long as you do not take park in races or competition's.

What sport(s) are considered safe for kids?

It really depends on your child's interest. Obviously, football would not be a good sport for him, but baseball, soccer, tennis, trackand volleyball would all be possible options for him.

What are popular sports for women?

tennis is a good sport for a women and so is socer

Is tennis a good sport for making friends?

yo mama can make friends

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