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With the side of your foot near the ball of your big toe

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Q: What part of your foot do you kick a field goal with?
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What part of foot hits the target while using back kick in karate?

The part of the foot to hit with while performing a back kick, is the heel. It provides more power for the technique.

In field hockey play is in the circle so is the umpire an attacker hits the ball it comes off the umpires foot and enters the goal what is given?

In this situation the goal SHOULD BE AWARDED. The umpire's body and equipment are part of the field of play, and if the ball strikes them, play continues regardless.

Is it a touch down if the ball is on the goal line?

Yes, a goal can be scored "from goal to goal" in a number of instances. If a ball is in play and a goalkeeper kicks a ball from his hands (or even throws it) and it goes into the opponent's goal, it is ruled a goal. If a goalkeeper or other player takes a goal kick to restart play, this can result in a goal if it goes into the opponent's goal. (A goal kick is a type of direct free kick.) Any kick taken by any player while a ball is in play can score a goal if it travels the length of the field and goes in the goal. It may be very difficult to kick a ball that is actually on the goal line and kick it down the full length of the field and into the opponent's goal, but it is possible. Further, the Laws of the Game allow a goal to be scored in the instances cited providing no foul has occurred.

A player after taking a penalty kick headed the ball after it rebounded from the crossbar out of the goalkeepers reach?

No, a goal cannot be scored directly from a throw in. If the ball was thrown into your own goal, it would be a corner to the opposing team. If the ball was thrown into the opposing teams goal, the restart would be a goal kick.

Do touch lines and goal lines are part of the field of play in soccer?

Also known as the end line, the goal line is the line that runs the width of the field. It runs across the front of the goal and when the ball passes the end line within the goal posts, a goal is scored. If the ball passes the end line outside of the goal posts, the ball is out of bounds. Depending on who touched it last, a corner kick or goal kick will restart play.

What is the name of the football kicker who played with a club foot and part of an arm?

Tom Dempsey, of the New Orleans Saints, was born without toes on his right (kicking) foot. Technically, this is not the same thing as "club foot", though some people do not recognize the difference. Dempsey's foot was fitted with a special shoe that maximized the area in contact with the football, enabling him to kick it harder and farther than other kickers. He kicked the longest field goal in NFL history, 63 yards, in 1970. Jason Elam of the Denver Broncos has since tied that record (in 1998), but his kick was in the thin air of Mile High Stadium, while Dempsey's was in the much denser air of New Orleans. Dempsey also played for the Eagles, Rams, Oilers, and Bills, but it was during his two-year stint at New Orleans that he kicked the record field goal.

When is the soccer ball considered out of bounds?

If a player leaves the field during the normal course of play, they may continue to play the ball. Even as their body is off the field. Leaving the field as a form of deception, dissent, or as an offside trap tactic is a cautionable offense.

What part of your foot do you use for accurate passes?

The top of your foot. the part when you look down and you see the top of your foot

Is the field-goal unit a special team?

Yes. The field goal unit in football is considered part of the special teams.

In jazz what is a kick ball change?

A kick ball change is quite a simple move and a little difficult to explain. You first obviously kick your foot then right when your foot comes down you balance your weight on the balls of your feet (the part of your feet you balance on when you stand on your toes) hence the name kick ball change.

What is the definition for Instep opponent in soccer?

A kick or shot taken with the part of the foot where the shoe laces are located.

What part of the shoe should strike the ball for a punt and field goal?