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you need Helmet,Stick, Chest protector, Catcher, Blocker, goalie Girdle, leg Pads, and skates

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Q: What pads do you need to play goalie in ice hockey?
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Equipment needed to play hockey?

Player-Skates, Shin pads, can, socks, shoulder pads, hockey pants, elbow pads, jersey, helmet, gloves, stick. Some people also wear visor or cage on their helmets by choice or by league rules. Some also where a neck guard, after a guy in the NHL (cant rmmbr his name) got his throat cut open by a skate (he did live). Goalie-Goalie skates (most goalies wear these, but in pond hockey, shinny hockey, or fun hockey you will find some that wear regular skates), goalie pads, socks, goalie can, hockey pants (goalie type), monkey suite (also known as a chest protector or other names), jersey, gloves (one blocker, one catcher), goalie helmet. Some goalies also wear a goalie neck guard, which is a curved plastic shield that hangs in front of their neck from their helmet.

What are the Goalie pad size requirements for high school hockey?

Depends on your league. I play in the Maryland Scholastic Hockey League (MSHL) and they still allow 38" tall and 12" wide pads, but next year plan to change to an 11" width. You would need to talk to your goalie coach or someone from the league

What do you need for a hockey match?

Every player needs a mouthguard, shinpads, perhaps a glove (or two), of course a stick, and if you are a goalie, will also need pads. You might have to find a suitable place to play on, enough equipped people to play with, and maybe an umpire.

Can you pull your goalie in football like they do in hockey?

No. In hockey, you can substitute without a stoppage in play. In football (american soccer) you need to wait for play to stop.

How do Ice Hockey goalies wear their teams socks under their leg pads. do i need to buy a different jock like the players have or is their a different method?

Ice Hockey Goalies do not always wear their team socks under their pads (Practices usually just sweatpants) although for games they mainly do. If you are going to play Ice Hockey, you most definitely need to buy a Goalie Jock. They are padded and usually have thicker plastic for the "jock" part.

How many field hockey players?

In some Junior Games you play with 8 a-side and a goalie, but in senior hockey you play with 11 a-side and a goalie.

What is used when playing hockey?

What you wear, besides clothes, are shin pads, hockey socks and boots. You will also need a hockey stick and you play with a ball.

What safety equipmeny do you have to have to play hockey?

To play full contact ice hockey you need the following equipment; skates, shin-guards, hockey pants, an athletic cup, hockey shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves (and sometimes wrist guards), a helmet with or without a full cage or shield, and a mouth guard.

How do you play goalie in hockey?

you block the puck.

What are the requirements to be a goalie in ice hockey?

There are no "set" requirements to be a goalie, besides skill. If you don't know how to handle a goalie type situation, you won't be able to be on a team. you still need to know how to skate and be a communicative team player. You also need the obvious- equipment to protect you during play.

How do you become a hockey goalie?

go along to you're nearest ice hockey team and express you're desires to play hockey in paticular to play in goals.

Can you play goalie with regular hockey ice skates?

Of course.

After a hockey goalie covers the puck how does play resume?

well it depends. if its 3 on 3 you just take the puck from the goalie and resume play. if its regualr hockey the referee drops the puck at the closest face-off dot.

How much does a hockey players gear weigh?

it depends on the size of the player and the position they play. I'm a goalie and my gear bag with all the pads weighs about 60 lbs. while my defense buddy's gear only weighs about 25 lbs.

What position did gordie howe play when he started playing hockey?


What equipment is used to play field hockey?

Hockey ball, Hockey stick, shin pads and clothing

What equipment is needed to play hockey?

you need a helmet,shoulder pads,elbow pads,neck gaurd,mouth gaurd,pants,shin pads,a cup protecter,skates,gloves and a stick Important hockey equipment includes a jock strap, shin pads, large socks (to go over the shin pads), shoulder pads, elbow pads, jersey, gloves, helmet, hockey stick, and, of course, skates. Don't forget your gym bag to bring all of these items in.

What sports did ken dryden play in college?

I think Ice Hockey, as goalie,

What clothing is worn during you play ice hockey?

There are shoulder pads, knee pads, skates, sweaters, gloves and hockey pants and of course a helmet.

What do you wear to play ice hockey?

Answer Helmet, elbow pads, shin pads, hockey pants, cup, ice skates, shoulder pads, gloves, socks, jersey, mouthgaurd, neck guard

If a goalie in ice hockey does not allow a goal but does not play the full game does this count as a shut out?


What will you need when playing sport?

It depends what type of sport you are going to play but at the least you might need good running shoes if you are going to run, a mouth guard if you are playing a contact or extreme sport, various padding like shoulder pads, hip pads, knee pads, helmets, gloves elbow pads and even skates if you play hockey. it all depends on the sport you are playing

What equipment do you need to play ice hockey?

Helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shin guards, girdle, mouth guard, skates and stick.

How many players can be on a hockey team?

im pretty sure there should be 24. But only 19 players(Including the goalie) can play on the ice in one game. there can be a backup goalie who replaces the starting goalie

What are the clothes worn to play soccer?

you need soccer cleats ( there is a difference in cleats ) you need shin guards, and unless you buy the shin guards with the long socks over them you need long soccer socks. If playing goalie you may want to have goalie gloves and pads. Check with your local sports store for the gear and check with the coach for the specifics for your league.