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Q: What other sport did John Elway play while in college?
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Can you play a college sport and still live at home?

Yes, you can play a college sport while living at home, but you have to be enrolled in the college or university. You may find it less convenient to play a sport while living at home, since dorm students, or students living in apartments near campus, can more easily get to early or late practices.

Which Sport did Elisabeth Hasselbeck play while in college?

The sport that Elisabeth Hasselbeck played while in college was softball. Elisabeth was a contestant on the reality show, Survivor. She was also a host on The View.Elisabeth Hasselbeck played women's softball for Boston College for 2 seasons; she captained them both, and in both they also won the Big East.

How many Super Bowls did the Denver Broncos win while john elway was the quarterback?

The Denver Broncos won 2 Super Bowls with John Elway at quarterback.

What is the value of gold John Elway Super Bowl 33 MVP coin from Hamilton Mint?

While a John Elway Super Bowl 33 MVP coin from Hamilton Mint is uncommon, it does not have a high price tag. Currently, a John Elway Hamilton Mint coin is worth about 40.00.

Can gymnastics help you gain flexibility better than any other sport?

while gymnastics can help your flexibilty there is no way of saying that it helps it more than any other sport

Do baseball players make money in college?

It is a violation of NCAA rules to take any money for any sport while in college. The only acceptable payments are scholarships for tuition, books, room and board.

Where did President Obama work while he was in college?

Where did Obama work while he was in college

If you're a coach and get a T while your team is on D what sport is that and what happened?

If you're a coach and get a T while your team is on D what sport is that and what happened?

Did Martin Luther King Jr marry while in college?

no he did not get married while in college

What is the difference between a competitive and lifetime sport?

a competitive sport is usually a team effort, a lifetime is about what your doing for the sport while you're in it

What sports drink makes you play better while playing a sport?

Lucozade sport or energy.

Is iceskating a good sport?

If you r into dance or gymnastics then it is great sport but it takes a while to get good

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