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Some non-league football competitions will depend on which league and form of football one is referring to. In European football (soccer in North America) there are tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup.

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Q: What non-league football competitions are there?
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Who is the football top English scorer in all competitions?

It is Alan Shearer.

What are the major Gaelic Football competitions?

Gaelic Football is played at many different age categories. There is also clubs, schools and colleges competitions. There are competitions within counties, within provinces and All-Ireland competitions. All have their main competitions, principally their All-Ireland Final. The biggest of all the competitions, and Ireland's main sporting competition, is the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. It features the county teams of senior players, who are normally all over 18, although there is also an under 21 competition. The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship runs from May to September each year. As part of the All-Ireland Championship, each of Ireland's 4 provinces has its own championship. The second biggest competition is the League, which finishes in late April or early May, before the championship starts.

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How are competitions organised in football?

if you dont know,then your clearly not intrested,so jog on.

What are the differences between the different categories of football in England?

I have already gotten the answers to this question in "Search" in the category, English Football, and different Football Cup Competitions in England.

Which English player has scored most goals in all football competitions?

Darren Huckerby

When were penalty shoot-outs introduced in European football competitions?

they wer introduced in 1891

Who do Scotland play football for?

Themselves. They have their own national team which plays in international competitions.

Where would a marching band play?

A marching band plays at halftime at football games. They also play play in their own competitions in football stadiums. However, throwing a personal note in, being in marching band myself, we have to practice in an old parking lot, and only get to use the field for competitions. But as far as it is concerned, a football field is your answer! ! :) Hope this helped!

What competitions have Reading Football Club won?

The Simod Cup (Full Members Cup) 1988

Who is the football top scorer in all competitions in Europe?

Lionel andrés messi 47 goals

What country did Modern Football originate in?

Modern Football was officially invented in England. The Football Association was established in 1863 writing the rules for the game... with league and cup competitions following years later. England is referred to as the "Home of Football"

What is the treble in football?

To different people "The Treble" can mean different things, so there is no definitive answer. "The Treble" can refer to any set of 3 competitions that a team can win, depending on the particular football or country. Commonly it would involve winning one league and two separate cup competitions that the team participates in.

Which English football team has played most games in one season including all competitions?


Which football players have scored in 6 different competitions for the same club in one season?

Pedro, Barcelona

What is competitive cheer?

Competitive Cheer is when a cheerleading squad goes to competitions against other squads. Football and basketball games are used as practice for competitions. Cheerleading competitions can be large or small. High school teams as well as All-Star teams compete in these competitions under many different levels based on team size, tumbling abillity, varsity, junior varsity, all-star etc.

How many people are on a Gaelic football team?

A standard Gaelic football team has 15 players. There are what are called 7-a-side teams, but these are for some special competitions and are not a standard team.

What was the name of some sports played in the Medeival Times?

There were a lot of martial arts competitions in the Middles Ages. Of these, jousting is best known today. They had a lot of other sports, including bowling in various forms, tennis, mob football and other kinds of football, archery competitions, and possibly early ancestors of baseball.

Who controls the Australian rules football?

The Australian Football League controls the national competition. Then are are state level bodies such as the VFL, WAFL, and SANFL. Below them are local competitions such as the EFL in Victoria.

Is kazakhstan in eastern Europe?

A part of the country is in Europe which gives the national football team a right to play in UEFA competitions.

What are the 3 significant levels in the FFA structure?

National Teams and Elite Player Development, A-League & Competitions and the Football Community

How many English players must be in each Association Football team?

There are different rules about this for different Competitions and in different Countries and States.