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I have already gotten the answers to this question in "Search" in the category, English Football, and different Football Cup Competitions in England.

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Q: What are the differences between the different categories of football in England?
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How is Italy different to England?

Italy is different from England in various ways. Some of the common differences include language, currency and the variance in cultures.

Who are the national football players?

The national Football players are players who play for different countries or for example come to England to play for a team but they are from a different country.

Does England call soccer a different name?

Yes. They call it football.

Are Germany and England same?

No. They are different countries with many differences in all sorts of ways.

Did rob gronkcowski play for a different team then the New England Patriots the football player.?


What are some different American English dialects?

Southern, New England, Midlands, Appalachian, Midwestern, Western, for the really broad categories.

What is football called in England?

"American football" is what football is called in England. This is because the names "associated football" and "football" are already used for soccer.

Are there tryouts for football in England?

Yes, there r tryouts for football in England!

How can you play football for England?

Sorry to disappoint you, but you can't play football for England; football is only for USA. But, FUTBOL, on the other hand, you can play for England.

Is football connected to England?

English football (or soccer in American) originated in England.

True or false do football players in England play the same sport as football players in America and Australia?

Football players in America do not play the same game as football players in England play. The game that America calls football is the game that England calls gridiron. The game the England calls football is the game America calls soccer. acutally i live in England and we refer to Americans football as American football. imaginative i know

What was the differences between England and Massachusetts Bay colony?

The 2 have different types of water and ane mY be deeper than the other

National game for England?

England's national games are Football, Cricket and Rugby. But people mainly associate England with Football

How did Football start in England?

England invented Football in 1863 writing out official rules

Why is football the most popular sport in England?

because people from England love football

What are some cultural differences between Canada and England?

In Canada it is much colder and their live beers and its with snow and the accent is very different then that in England. Thank you very much

Which country invented football?

England invented Football.

What country is the motherland of football?

England is where football originated, they had the first league and made the first rules for the game. England is the motherland of football.

Differences between England and Ireland?

they are completely different countries. they have different currency (Ireland has euro and England has English sterling), Ireland has a different government. although the northernmost part of the island of Ireland is called northern Ireland and is part of the united kingdom which is made up of England, Scotland wales and northern Ireland and they have their own government.

Who football club in England with a small reputation?

Madron fc, the worst football team in england

What is the favorite NFL football team in England?

the favorite nfl football team in England is the Bangals

What color is the England football shirt?

The home England football shirt is white and away is red.

When was England national football team created?

England national football team was created in 1872.

What year and date did soccer first start?

Tough question to answer because the Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Ancient Greek, Persian, Viking, and many more played a soccer-like ball game long before our era. However, to try to answer your question, it was in England that soccer / football really took shape. In 1863 in England, two football associations (association football and rugby football) split off in different directions. Therefore, the first Football Association was founded in England.

What is the differences in Ethiopia compared to England?

well i can't say but the differences of Ethiopia compared to England is that in Ethiopia both of them look alike in Ethiopia and England look alike