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almost all of them

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Q: What muscles do you use during playing tennis?
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What muscles in the upper extremities are used while playing tennis?

well the musles you use in tennis in the upper exteermitess. is THE PHEMER! love Sarah yllam

Which muscles are used during table tennis?

A LOT of muscles are used in table tennis (if played at a high level). Legs are in constant use for quick movements etc. The core muscles are important to provide power for shots and stability. Obviously the arm muscles are also in constant use!

Is it possible to get tennis elbows from not playing tennis?

Tennis Elbow is caused by overuse of the muscles in your forearm, and those surrounding your elbow. It is often caused by sports like tennis and racquetball, but can also be caused by other activities. Activities that require use of those muscles, such as gardening, using scissors or swimming can also cause Tennis Elbow.

What muscles are used to swing tennis racket?

I've heard that you use your core muscles and legs.

Who uses tennis balls?

Tennis players use tennis balls during their match.

What muscles are used in tennis?

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what muscles are used in tennis but having played for 8 years I would say all of them. Of course the main muscles that you use are in your arms and legs, but you use your abs and other smaller muscles all over your body to stabilize you as you move to and hit the ball.

What main different between playing tennis and playing golf?

you use a racket and you use a glove for golf

How many racquets can a player use in a tennis match?

A player can use only 1 racquet while playing tennis!!!

What muscles do you use when playing hockey?

Almost all of your muscles: leg, arm, and torso muscles. And more!

What muscles do you use when playing laser tag?

You definitely use you're legs. You use your fingers for the trigger and your regular muscles for carrying the gun. Sometime you use your eyes for accuracy in shooting. It depends on what kind of movements you make during gameplay

What muscles do you use when playing rounders?

all of them man

Does sweep rowing use the most muscles of any sport?

well tennis might be one of the sports

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