What moves are there in basketball?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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the are too many moves in Basketball to list but all moves fall into these categories: crossover, hesitations, and drives. (this doesn't include finishing moves)

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Q: What moves are there in basketball?
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What are the different moves in basketball?


What are the basketball moves that Kobe uses in the game?

Some of the basketball moves that Kobe Bryant uses when he plays basketball include moves like driving, faking, and fading away as a quick combo, or simple dribbling around people.

Why balance in basketball?

It helps you stay on your toes when you do crossovers and soon moves

In basketball What do you call the foul when a person moves without dribbling the ball?


How do you do Kobe Bryant basketball trick?

There is no 'Kobe Bryant basketball trick' but does a variety of signature moves if that is what you mean, h

How do you make moves work in basketball?

The only way to make moves work is practice them and not wing it like people do because it will end up bad .

An athlete sitting in a wheelchair at rest throws a basketball forward since the athlete and the wheelchair have greater mass than the basketball has the athlete and the wheelchair will?

move backward at a lower speed than the basketball moves forward

What are the names of the different types of dribble moves in basketball?

If you dont know any famous basketball moves go to and there you will see some very tite moves!!!

Names of basketball moves?

Some of the more popular ones are the fadeaway, the crossover, the half crossover, and the pump fake.

How is called when a basketball player has the ball and moves without the ball?

A player cannot both have and not have the ball.

What are the moves you can do in basketball and the stances you have in basketball?

triple threat - a stance for when someone is guarding you. in this you can either dribble, pass, or shootaround the backcross overbetween the legsposting upspin moveswitch backblocking outEuro stepbehind the back fake passkiller crossovershamgodjab stephookshotfloating shotshake and bakeinside out

What is the best moves of Michael Jordan to play the basketball?

Well, there are various answers. You need to exercise. You need to eat healthy.