Why balance in basketball?

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It helps you stay on your toes when you do crossovers and soon moves

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Q: Why balance in basketball?
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Why is balance needed in basketball?

well, you need balance to do anything. you think about it.

What makes the New Balance Basketball shoes different from the regular New Balance shoes?

The New Balance basketball shoes are different than the regular New Balance shoes by the way they are designed. Regular New Balance shoes have less cushioning in them, the basketball shoes are made to be more comfortable as you play.

What is balanced force in basketball?

it is the balance between power and balance of a basket ball player

What does beef stand in basketball?

balance eye elbow followthrough

Is balance needed for basketball?

Yes, balance is needed a little in basketball because if you are taking a layup, if you don't have balance when you have one foot in the air, and one foot on the ground, then you will loose your balance and obviously not make the shot. Otherwise, probably not, focus is a big part of the game, though.

In basketball what does BEEF stand for?

Balance Eyes Elbow Follow-through

What does beef mean in basketball?

Beef is the term for how to shoot a basketball. B is Balance. E is Elbows in. E is Eye on hoop. F is Follow through.

What is a phrase that can help you remember how to shoot a basketball?

Alignment, balance, finish

Can you wear power balance bracelets during a basketball game?


What starts with b and relates to basketball?


BEEF stands for what in basketball?

Balance Eyes Elbow Follow-through.

Why do you need balance in basketball?

You need it because if the ball is about to go out of bounce, your balance can help you get the ball and still stay inbound.

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