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Q: What motivates a cheerleader to tryout for college cheer?
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How do you bomb a cheer tryout?

to do cheerleader try out you have to do a good cheer to wow to judge make them think that you can do it

How do you become a competitive cheerleader?

Well, you can join a local competitive cheer squad; for example, Cheer4Life. Other than that practice hard, like really hard and tryout for your schools' cheer squad. Good Luck!! Source(s): Well I am a cheerleader(:

Do the spelman cheerleaders cheer for morehouse football team?

spelman cheerleaders cheer for spelman girls basketball games, to cheer for football games you would have to tryout throught morehouse, and you would also be considered a morehouse cheerleader.

Where did the term cheerleader come from?

the term cheerleader came from leading a cheer with the crowd

What is a cheerleader's cheer called?

Umm a chant?

What do you do to become cheer captain?

Be the best cheerleader!

What all does a cheerleader need in and out of her cheer bag?


How do you get on the cheerleader tearm?

I'm assuming that your talking about school cheer, so your best bet would be to talk to the office and find out who the coach is. then simply tryout when tryouts come. practice a lot ! stretch tons ! and just have spirit !

Where can one purchase cheer shoes?

If a cheerleader is looking to buy cheer shoes , they should talk to their sponsor about the best place to buy their shoes along with the other cheerleader's shoes.

How much do you need to wiegh to be a cheerleader?

it depends on what cheer-leading group you are cheer-leading for. some cheer-leading groups it does not matter. But some do.

Where did the name cheerleader came from?

They call it cheerleader because the kids that do the sport they cheer on practice games and on the competition.Also the coaches are the leaders of the squad.Thats why they call it cheerleader.

How do you cheer a girl up after she failed a tryout?

Tell her your to good for that team anyways then take her for a smoothie

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