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Basketballs are not at the top of the list of bouncebility (see tennis balls). Sorry

However balls bounce because they are deformed when they hit something and the rubber forces them back into a round shape which propels then off the surface they hit.

The more power in the rubbers desire to maintain its shape vs the weight of the ball determines its bounce.

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Q: What makes a basketball bounce more than other balls?
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Related questions

Why do small rubber bouncy balls bounce higher than other balls?

because they are made to bounce

What makes a golf ball bounce better than other balls?

Well a golf ball won't bounce better than other golf balls it matter what is inside it. Like the proV1 has a very hard core and the NXT tour is very light in the inside and will probably bounce better if you swing fast I would recommend the proV1 but if not Get the nxt tour happy to help

Which basketball bounces higher girl or boys?

I think both bounce the same one is just bigger then the other, actually the boys basketball bounce higher I did a basketball experiment on it the boys bounce a foot higher, It is because itr weighs more.

What makes rubber balls bounce?

When a rubber ball is bounced, its molecular structure causes it to compress, but it cannot equalize the pressure by expanding on the other side, so the pent-up energy is rapidly used by decompressing the ball which causes the bounce.

What happens if the 2 lag balls hit each other?

they will bounce back

How to do a perfect bounce pass with a basketball?

visualize where you want the ball to bounce in order for it to reach the other person without bouncing to high

Why do ping pong balls bounce?

Because they are almost weightless and they are hard, which allows them to bounce back up off of other hard surfaces.

What is a bounce pass in basketball?

A bounce pass in basketball is a way of getting the ball to another player without passing it directly to them through the air. Rather, the ball is bounced off the floor to the other player.

How high do bouncy balls bounce?

Bouncy balls are made of rubber, or some other elastic substance that makes them bounce. But how high they bounce depends on the composition of the ball, and the height from which they are dropped. A bouncy ball only has so much much potential energy that can be converted into kinetic energy. Because this is an imperfect conversion, the ball can only bounce so high for a given force or height. If not stopped, the ball will use up all of its energy on successive bounces. The bounciest balls are formed from compressed materials that return a larger share of the kinetic energy. The most efficient retail versions return up to 85% to 92% of their potential on each bounce. (The generic name for these balls is "super balls," originally a trade name in 1964.)

If Jupiter was the size of a basketball what would the other planets be?

golf balls ... hand balls ... marbles ...

What climate is basketball played in?

Basketball can be played in most climates, other than snow (which will not allow the ball to bounce back up).

Does a cold rubber ball bounce?

Well, cold rubber balls do bounce, but warm rubber balls bounce better because when a cold rubber ball hits the floor, it generates heat instead of a rebound effect because the molecules are so close together that they collide with each other.

What kind of surface does a basketball bounce best?

Acording to the calculations of my recordings a basketball bounes better in conrete that any other type of surfaces.

What makes a golf ball bounce?

AnswerIt has to do with the material a golf ball is made out of. It is a extremely strong material. A golf ball needs to bounce high to be able to get hit by a golf club and fly through the air and hit the ground and bounce. Due to that information a golf ball will bounce highest compared to almost ANY other balls. A golf ball is the winner of bouncing the highest.

What makes balls bounce?

Gravity makes the ball fall. It doesn't make it bounce. The ball bounces because, when it hits the ground, its momentum makes it continue to fall for a fraction of a second, causing the part touching the ground to collapse slightly (depending on how stiff or elastic the ball is). The collapsed part then straightens itself out again rapidly, flicking the ball up as a bounce. Technically, a ball that does not bounce (like a lump of clay) dumps all of its kinetic energy into less useful forms, like heat and sound. On the other hand, a ball that does bounce retains a greater proportion of its kinetic energy.

Why is the pressure greater in a basketball than in a beach ball?

In the game of basketball, you dribble (bounce) the ball, and it is important that the basketball bounce back up to nearly the height from which you dropped it. The height at which something bounces back is proportional the coefficient of restitution, and that coefficient is higher, among other things, when there is greater air pressure inside the ball. Therefore a basketball has higher air pressure, to give it a higher coefficient of restitution, which makes it bounce better.The greater the air pressure, the harder the ball feels when it hits you. That is why getting hit on the side of the head with a thrown basketball can really hurt. A beach ball does not have to bounce, and it should not hurt you when it hits you. For that reason, beach balls have lower air pressure.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^that doesnt answer the questiona basketball has more pressure because it has more particles of gas in it and also since they are closer together. this causes the particles to collide with the basketball at a faster rate then a beach ball. in a beach ball there are fewer particles and farther apart making the particles hit the inside of the beach ball at a slower rate making the pressure lower than the basketball.

Why did lebron James start playing basketball?

he liked to look at other plyers balls :)

How many balls are there for each player to sink in the game?

It depneds on what the game is. If it is football, basketball, tennis, and some other games, there is just one ball on the floor at any one time. If the game is pool, there are 15 balls plus the cue ball. Other games played with balls may have other numbers of balls.

What makes a racketball and tennis ball different from each other?

tennis balls are furry and raquet balls are not . tennis balls are also bigger.

Why are tennis balls made of rubber?

Rubber can bounce for a longer time and it can be played be a tennis racquet (you can not hit a cricket ball with tennis racquet) and one more reason is there is none other material other than rubber balls are made of rubber

When three balls collide they bounce off each other and roll away but they eventually stop does this violate the law of conservation of momentum?


How do you bounce a basketball?

Because if u kicked one its soccer. threw one, its baseball. ran with one while holding it its football. hit one with a club, its golf. threw one one handed while swimming, i believe makes it water polo. only other reasonable option, not including rugby style, would be to bounce it, because that the natural thing to do.

What does billiards have to do with math?

Geometry plays a very important part of billiards. An understanding of angles of action and re-action as balls bounce off other balls and rails can be very beneficial when learning how to play pool.

What is the meaning of the dribbling in basketball?

Dribbling means bouncing. Basketball players are required to bounce the basketball on the floor as they move across the basketball court, rather than just carrying the basketball in their hands. This is intended to create an opportunity for other players to grab the ball. It is an added challenge to be able to dribble the ball without losing it.

What are tennis balls?

Tennis balls are balls about 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide that are used in the game of tennis. They are usually made from rubber with a yellow/green peach fuzz on them. They bounce fairly high and do not use a pump for air unlike basketballs and other balls. Thanks!