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he played Basketball really well

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โˆ™ 2011-04-16 21:49:53
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Q: What kind of impact has LeBron James put on the world?
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What kind of underwear does LeBron James wear?

Lebron does not wear any underwear.

What kind of dog do LeBron James have?

Cane corso

What kind of music does lebron James listen to?


What kind of haircut does LeBron James have?

He has a number 1 or 2

What kind of shooter sleeve does LeBron James wear?

Nike Pro

What kind of car does lebron James drive?

A Ferrari F430 Spider

What kind of shoes does lebron james wear?

Muhfuhka Jones Lebron James wears many types and brands of shoes but mainly he wears Air Jordans by Nike.

What kind of commercials has LeBron James done?

LeBron James is probably most famous lately for his recent Samsung advertisements. He has also done Powerade adverts, and many Nike adverts on television.

What kind of education did LeBron James have?

LeBron James is known as one of the best professional basketball players in the US. His education consisted of a high school diploma. He was drafted out of high school and never attended college.

What kind of game was lebron James playing when he made his first dunk?

It was on nba jam on sega genesis

What kind of dog does lebron James have on tv show unique whips special edition?

Cane Corso Italiano

Who best Kobe or James?

Lebron James makes awesome dunks. And Kobe is kind of the same. But don't think of it. It's your idea. It depends if you like the lakers or Miami heat.

What kind of student was LaBron James?

LeBron James was a very dedicated student. He like school. His grades was very important to him. He stayed out of trouble. He was a very bright student and still is !

Who is the current top star in NBA?

Come on- this isn't even a questionable debate. Anyone who suggests that Kobe is the top star is completely wrong and out of their mind. LeBron James is clearly the most talented player in the NBA by far. Kobe is a little close, but LeBron is just to talented and has a much better skill set than Kobe. LeBron James is the current star, without a doubt. That's kind of a vague question... who is the best talent wise? Probably Kobe Bryant, then Lebron James, although LBJ is getting close enough so that the 2 can be interchanged on any given night. Kobe still has a greater skillset than Lebron, but Lebron is bigger and more powerful. As for the "top star"? I would have to give this to Lebron as he's currently the poster boy for NBA at large.

What kind of cars does lebron drive?

an awesome one

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What kind of car does LeBron drive?

A Ferrari F430 Spider

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