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Q: What kind of pads did they wear in the NFL when it first started?
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When did football players start to wear pads?

They started to wear pads because some football players started to get hurt so that's why the have to wear pads.- The Lister Answers

What kind of padding do ice hockey officials wear?

they wear pads, knee pads, a helmet, and a batman suit under all of this.

What do you do if you all ready started your period?

You wear pads of tampons

What kind of shoulder pads does Brett Favre wear?

Brett Favre wears american football shoulder pads.

Is it okay for a man to wear pads?

it is not OK to wear pads if u are a man wearing pads then u are not real man u are a little girl starting her very first period

What kind of gear do hockey players wear?

helmets and pads to protect them.

What kind of gear did the soccer wear when it first started?

wore a shirt, shorts, sneakers, and a pair of shinguards.

What do you wear for hockey?

It depends on what kind of hockey. If you are playing ice hockey you should wear: Ice skates (for ice hockey, not figure skates)shin pads & knee pads (most wear socks over shin and knee pads)padded shortschest and shoulder pads (they look like the pads that foot ball players wear. Make sure to get hockey pads)elbow padsneck guard (optional, but if you want to stay safe and warm you should wear one).helmet (you should wear a cage helmet)Jersey (to complete the uniform)

How do you were your skateboard pads?

i dont wear pads i ocasionally wear a helmet and i wear that on my heade but when i have to wear pads i wear them on my elbows and ocasionaly the wrist guards but they make it harder to bertslide and that.

What kinds of pads do football players wear?

They wear many.... you have your basic shoulder pads, knee pads, hip pads,thigh pads tail bone pads and your cup.

What kind of pads do you use for begging of period?

It really depends if your usually heavy on your flow but i thinks its better to take precaution and wear thick pads that are long

Do nfl players wear urinal pads?

What kind of question is that! It's not like they pee there pants!

What changes in fashion during the 1980s?

people started to wear tighter clothing , also sholder pads were very "in" at the time

When did people started to wear poppies?

People started to wear poppies when the war first started in 1912, the first world war, in memory of people who passed away in the war.

Why do boys have to wear pads in lacrosse?

They wear pads in lacrosse because they could get hurt.

Do you wear shin pads in volleyball?

No, you can wear knee pads that go on your knees to help with digging.

Can you wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse?

yes you can wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse

What kind of clothes do volleyball players use?

women volleyball players normally wear spandex shorts and their team jersey. they also wear their knee pads and knee socks to protect their legs from digging. and of course they wear tennis shoes. guys wear shorts team jersey and knee pads along with ankle socks and shoes.

What kind of watch does Mick Carter wear in Eastenders?

Annette Rowlins i used to watch eastenders from when it first started back in the 80,s.

Why girl wear pads?

Girls wear pads so their period will not go through their underpants and ruined them.

What kind of hockey equipment did NHL players wear when hockey first started?

mostley the stuff hockey players wear today except less protective. They also used wooden sticks [of course] and they didn't wear helmets or mouthgards.

Why do girls wear pads?

Girls wear pads so the blood don't go through their underwear and ruin them.

I am a boy and wear my sister's pads?

If u wana wear pads were them brow if ur comfterble go ahead :)

What kind of protective gear does a football player need to wear?

You have to wear shoulder pads, Mouth piece, helmet, and more patting on you knees and you need metal Cletis. :)

Do you wear pads while playing volleyball?

Yes, most player wear knee pads. Players can also wear braces such as ankle braces, knee braces, elbow braces. None of these, including knee pads are required. It is up to the player if he/she wants to wear these.