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Some teams especially up north in Maryland and New York where Lacrosse is popular have their own fields designated for lacrosse but everywhere else usually uses the football fields. They are basically the same length and width.

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Q: What kind of field do lacrosse players play on?
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What do lacrosse players play with?

a lacrosse stick.

What kind of things is a girl's lacrosse goalie allowed to do on the field?

A girl's lacrosse goalie is allowed to engage in play on the field just like the other players on the team. They have the benefit of the crease, but they are allowed to leave it. They could even score if they wanted to.

How many players can play on a lacrosse field?

10 including the goalie... 3 attack 3 defence and 3 middie

How many players can play lacrosse?

there are 10 players on a lax field at one time. 3 attackmen, 3 defense, 3 middies, and one goalie

Midfielders in lacrosse?

Yes, the sport of lacrosse has two different kinds of midfielders, otherwise known as: "Middies". There are Defensive 'middies' who stay on their side of the field, and they play on both sides of the field, but mainly on their side. The second kind is the Offensive Middie. Their job is to assist the Attack (main offensive players in lacrosse) in landing the ball into the opposing team's goal.

What percent of high school lacrosse players play college lacrosse?

About 9.8 million people are very good at lacrosse Take the number of lacrosse players that play in college. Take the number of players that play in high-school. Divide the amount that play in college by the amount that play in high-school. The answer (which will be a decimal) id the percentage. -ex. 0.15 = 15%

Who many people can play on a lacrosse field?


In lacrosse what is a midfielder?

A midfielder is a player who plays both offense and defense with an attack shaft and may play on both sides of the lacrosse field as long as there are only 5 other players on the same team on the same half of the field (excluding the goalie).

What kind of games did the Indians play?


What percentage of high school lacrosse players play college lacrosse?

12.5% or 1/8th of high school laxers play in college

Where do hockey players play?

On the field (best kind), the ice, gym floor, or pavement.

Do soccer players play aggressive on the field?

yes soccer players play very aggressively on the field.

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