When was field lacrosse made?

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The same time Lacrosse was made, so look at the question, "when was lacrosse made".

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Q: When was field lacrosse made?
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Are lacrosse and field hockey balls the same?

No, lacrosse balls are smaller than field hockey balls. In addition, lacrosse balls are made with a hard, foam like material; while field hockey balls are made with hard plastic.

Where lacrosse played?

lacrosse is played on a lacrosse field.

When was field lacrosse invented?

field lacrosse was invented in the 1943's

Which is bigger a lacrosse field or football field?

A lacrosse field is wider by a yard or so and shorter by 10 or so yards.

How big is a field lacrosse crease?

The crease on the men's lacrosse field has a radius of 9 feet.There is a link to a printable field layout here that will answer your question.

Which is easier lacrosse or field hockey?

field hockey

How are field hockey and lacrosse alike?

they r on a field

How long is a girls lacrosse field?

same size as a men's lacrosse field 110 yards 10 less than a football field

What are the dimensions of a lacrosse field?

The exterior measurements of a lacrosse field is 60 yards wide by 110 yards long.

Can you use field hockey balls in lacrosse?

No Field Hockey balls are too hard and are not bouncy enough for lacrosse.

In lacrosse how many passes must be made past mid field before shooting?

None. There are no "passing" requirements in lacrosse. As a matter of fact, there are several cases of goalies making a save, running the length of the field, and scoring.

How many acres is a lacrosse field?

An acre is 43560 square feet. A lacrosse field is 60 yards by 110 yards. The total square footage of a lacrosse field is 59400. 59400/43560= 1.36 acres.

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