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Although karate can be performed anywhere, it is most commonly done in a dojo.

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Q: What kind of arenas is karate held in?
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What are some sports held in such arenas today?

Some sports that is held in such arenas today are is ice hockey and skating

Where was karate first held?

Karate is not held, it is practiced. The forerunners of karate were Chinese White Crane Kung Fu combined with Okinawa Te about 300 years ago.

What event was held at the colosseum?

The Colosseum was an amphitheatre. These were arenas for the gladiatorial games

What kind of karate is the best in the US?

American Kenpo Karate.

When will be next karate commonwealth will be held?


What kind of karate does northern karate school hold?

shotokan style

Where are revival services held?

Revival services can be held just about anywhere; churches, indoors, outdoors, gymnasiums, coliseums, arenas, etc.

Did Elvis do karate?

Yes. He held a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. He studied under the founder himself, Ed Parker

A huge open-air arena in which contest were held?

Amphitheaters were open air arenas in which contests were held. The biggest and the most famous is the Colosseum in Rome.

What kind of rituals are neeeded in karate?

There are no 'rituals' in karate. There is respect and manners, typically indicated by bowing.

Where are wrestling matches held?

Any big arenas like the pepsi center united center ect.

What kind of college degree do you need to coach karate?

There is no college degree required to teach or coach karate.

What kind of karate was performed in karate kid?

This is not a common or actual karate, i believe because they would not have the time to train the actor and their main concern is visual satisfaction.

Where is the Canadian dog shows held?

Dog shows in Canada are typically held in large arenas, quite often at fairgrounds since they have large buildings and outdoor fields available.

Do girls likes guys do karate?

Depends on what kind of guy it is and what kind of girl it is

What is a word describing a kangaroo that starts with k?


Why is the amphitheater built in that particular shape?

The amphitheatres were build in a round or oval shape because they were arenas. The gladiatorial games were held there.

What kind of dog is in the karate dog movie?


What kind of games or sports do the Chinese play?

ping pong,karate

What kind of dog in karate dog?

maybe a briard?

What is the most brutal sport held in modern arenas today?

I think boxing cause it physical contact even with gloves on

What actors and actresses appeared in Los asesinos del karate - 1965?

The cast of Los asesinos del karate - 1965 includes: Miguel Arenas Mario Cid The Gay Crooners Rodolfo Landa as Inspector Alberto Rivas Imelda Miller Chucho Salinas as Chucho Ariadna Welter as Silvia Gerardo Zepeda

What kind of hawk was in the next karate kid?

It was a Harris Hawk

What kind of Hawk is in The Next Karate Kid?

Harris Hawk

Where did they have gladiator battles in Pompeii?

The gladiatorial games were held at the amphitheatres which were arenas for these games. Pompeii had its amphitheatre like many other Roman towns.