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Some sports that is held in such arenas today are is Ice Hockey and skating

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Q: What are some sports held in such arenas today?
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Where are some sports being held in 2012?

In London!!

What are some similarities and differences between the 1920's sports and todays sports?

it is better today

How did Romans have fun?

The Romans had fun pretty much the same way as we do--they did what they enjoyed doing. Some of their fun things were spectator events held in the public arenas, participating in various sports, playing board games, dice games, discussing philosophy, reading, traveling, etc.

What are some similarities between 1920's sports and today?

There are many similarities that can be found between sports in the 1920's and sports today. Both are very spirited and bring people together.

When are the Local election held for Okaloosa county FL?

Some are today...

Where is horse riding held?

Horse riding can be held almost anywhere. People ride in indoor arenas, some go on trail rides in the woods, some ride at fairs adn shows, some ride in races, some ride on mountens, some ride over big jumps and some ride in their backyards!

What are some Greek sports?

Some fo the sports for Greeks sre the sports today. Also during the time of like Homer the poet Greeks considered plays and music a sport.

What were some sports that we have today that we didn't have in the 20's?

they didn't have basketball in the twenty's!

Where can one find the best results for today's football results?

One can find the best results for today's football results on a variety of different sports sites. Some examples of good sports sites are ESPN, Sky Sports and Fox Sports.

What are some of the events in the olympics?

Some of the original sports in the Olympics were running, wrestling, and later boxing. Today there are 26 events in the summer Olympics and sports in the winter.

What sports will be in the future Olympics and why?

Obviously the same sports we use today because its always been like that. Its like some tradition they do....

What are some popular hockey arenas?

The biggest concentration of hockey arenas are in the USA where the sport is widely played. As a result, it hosts many of the most popular arenas, such as The United Center and the Wells Fargo Center.

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