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Q: What it the minimum overhead clearance required above a basketball court?
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What are the minimum clearance distances outside of a marked basketball court?

Architectural Graphic Standards 10th Edition: 10'-0" Minimum unobstructed clearance around court

How high is the required clear space on a basketball court?

The minimum required clear space on a basketball court depends on which kind of court it is. An NCAA court has a minimum of 25', while a recreational facility's minimum is 20'.

Phase to phase clearance in electrical circuit?

As for as I know, the clearance is based on voltage. For 415V AC the minimum clearance required between phases as per standard is 19.5mm.

What is the minimum education required for a pro basketball player?

1 second

What is the minimum required clearance a motorist must maintain form a cyclist?

You must give the cyclist 3 ft of clearance between your car and the bicycle.

Why are the pylons on which electricity cables are hung very tall?

To ensure that the minimum height of their conductors maintain the legally-required clearance above ground. The greater the operating voltage, the greater this clearance must be.

What is the minimum clearance to combustables for a woodburning stove?

This varies by state and local codes, although most use the NFPA codes. Google: NFPA minimum clearance woodburning stove

What is meant by minimum electrical clearance?

The minimum electrical clearance is the minimum distance between electrical conductors with different potentials (voltage). This generaly determined by the maximum possible voltage differenge between the conductors. Dimensions larger then the minimum electrical clearance are OK, however smaller dimensions start to risk arc-over between your conductors.

What is minimum clearance for nipr account?

Secret or atleast a NACLC investigation

What is the Minimum clearance phase to ground for 46kv?

2ft 6 inches

What is the header overhead in the IP protocol?

The header is a minimum of 20 octets.

What is the Cost for outdoor basketball court?

what is the minimum cost of out door basketball courts

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