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The natural trot for a horse under saddle. It is the normal trot for the horse.

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Q: What is working trot?
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What is a working trot?

a working trot is a trot between a collected trot and the extended trot. It should be energetic and have good forward motion, not 'pokey', but should not be 'fast'. Just a good active pace relative to your horses motion.

Is working trot rising trot?

No, it's [rein-wise] the space between medium trot and collected trot

What is the preliminary 14 dressage test?

A -Enter down the center line in working trotC -Track LeftHE -Proceed in working trotE -Circle left 20 metresdiameterEK -Proceed in working trotbetween K&A - Transition to walk (one horses length) & proceed in working trotFXH -Change the rein on a diagonal in working trotbetween H&C - Transition to walk (one horses length) & proceed working trotB -Circle right 20 metres diameterAfter X- (on circle, after X)Give and retakethe reinsbetween F&A -Working Canter rightKEH- Proceed in working canterC -Circle right 20 metres diameterMBF -Proceed in working canterbetween F&A- Forward to working trotbetween A&K -Medium walkKXM - Change rein in a free walk on long reinM -Gather reins into medium walkbetween M&C -Working trotHEK -Proceed in working trotbetween K&A -Working Canter leftA - Circle left 20 metres diameterAFMB -Working Canterbetween M&C - Working trotHXF -Change the rein on a diagonal in working trotA - Turn down center linebetween X&G -Halt, immobility,salute.Hope this helps, similar to the other answer, just slightly more detailed :)

Do you have to bounce when you're doing a working trot on a horse otherwise how do you do a working trot?

Over long distances, it is better for the horse's back if you can do a rising (or posting) trot, standing and sitting with every alternate beat of the horse's hooves. In high level dressage tests, riders sit to the trot, and this is done before canter transitions in general English riding.

What is a pleasure trot while driving?

The pleasure trot is a medium working trot. The horse should be accepting of the bit with a good head-set, a free swinging shoulder and engaged hocks. Most of all, it should have a pleasing, ground-covering cadence.

Does extended trot mean posting trot?

No, posting or rising trot is a way to ride the trot and you can post any type of trot. Extended trot is where the horse lengthens it's trot stride to cover more ground. Typically this causes the trot to smooth out a bit making it easier to sit the trot.

Is the jog preformed in dressage?

The jog is generally a western movement. The english equivalent would be the trot, which is more forward-going than the western jog. Dressage at the high levels requires several types of trot: collected, working, and extended. Arguably the passage is also a very slow, animated trot.

Dog breeds, such as beagles, border collies, and German shepherds, were produced by the process of?

The breed was actually created by the cross breeding of working sheep dogs from rural Germany by an ex cavalry officer called Max von Stephanitz whose aim was to create a working dog for herding which could trot for long periods.

What is the difference between the English and western trot?

The difference between thw western trot and the English trot is simple. The western trot is called a jog, which is much slower than the English trot. The English trot is called a trot, which is much quicker than western jog. Also you are not suppose to post in a western saddle you only do that in an English.

What does trot mean like home he trot?

The meaning of the word trot is to proceed at a pace faster than walking.

What is the average speed of a horse when trotting?

a horses working trot is about 8 miles per hour, the walk is 4 miles per hour.

What is the name of a fast horse trot?

If you are riding a "fast horse trot" it could be a lengthened or an extended trot. That is referring to the actual length of stride a horse is making at that trot. "Collection" is the exact opposite, basically, of a fast trot.

What is another name for the rising trot?

Posting trot.

Does a donkey strut or trot?

donkeys trot not strut.

What is the past participle of trot?

Trotted is the past participle of trot.

What is the fastest trot race ever?

The Patriot Trot 2008

A trot is a beat gait?

A trot is a two-beat gait

Is a trot or canter faster?

A canter is faster than a trot.

When was Trot - Oz - created?

Trot - Oz - was created in 1911.

When was International Trot created?

International Trot was created in 1959.

When was Esio Trot created?

Esio Trot was created in 1990.

How tall is Trot Nixon?

Trot Nixon is 6' 1".

How do you tell your horse to trot in French?

To tell (or ask) your horse to trot is:"Aller au trotter."Translation is: To go into a trot.

What does reversing at the trot mean?

Reversing at the trot means to change directions while trotting. So you never come out if the trot, but you have changed directions.

What is faster than a trot?

Walk is slower, Then there is trot [what your on about] then there is canter and gallop