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9.4 ounces

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โˆ™ 2011-03-03 00:51:23
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Q: What is the weight of an Adidas f10 TRX FG soccer cleat?
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Who makes the widest soccer shoe?

It depends on the type of Cleat, not the brand. For example, Adidas makes F30 TRX FG, which is a type of cleat. So each brand has many different types, some may be skinny, some may be wide, you should definitely try the cleat on, before you buy it.

You want to buy old Adidas predator boots?

yes i do want to buy the Adidas F50+ TRX FG

What does TRX meen on soccer cleats?

It's the copyrighted TraXion system by Adidas. Basically this means the pattern and shapes of the knobs under your cleats are placed a certain way :)

What are the best soccer cleats for defenders?

Nike's Tiempo cleats are one of the top brands recommended for defenders. Another one is the Adidas 11Pro TRX which is also recommended for defenders.

What Best shoes to kick in for football?

Adidas F30 TRX Firm Ground Lionel messi use's them

What are the football boots that can change between metal studs to plastic studs?

Some in the Adidas F50 range have metal studs. Also the Adidas World Cup boots come with metal studs as standard. Others include the Adidas adipure 11 Pro, Nike Men's Tiempo Legend IV, Adidas adiPure IV X-TRX, Asics Lethal Tigreor 4 ST, and many others. Metallic studs are primarily used for SG (soft ground) soccer/football but may not be legal in all leagues. Always best to check with your league. Replacement spikes (plastic or nylon) are available and are easily switched with the appropriate cleat key/wrench.

What does TRX stand for in soccer cleats?

It means Traction,and traction means better grip on the ground

What weight oil does a 88 trx 250r use?

bellray 80w case saver

What type of cleats did santiago munez wear?

he wore the Adidas F50 X -TRX SG White-Black-Red you will be able to find them if you look hard enough

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1800 trx

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What football boot is better for defenders nike tiempo natural iv fg or adidas questra 11pro trx fg?

Definitely Adidas Questra's ! I play centre back and I've only just got them but for how comfortable they are and how well designed they are it's the best boot for a defender. Also with them being proper leather, the protection and how comfy they are is incredible. It's up to you which you buy but in my opinion it would have to be the Adidas Questra's,

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Will a 200 Honda trx rear end gear work with a 300 Honda trx?

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What soccer cleat should you wear?

There are a number of very good cleats that you could buy... here's a list -Adidas Adizeroes $179.99 (Very light, improves speed and footwork by a lot) -Nike Mercurial Vapor VI's FG $263.99(Pretty Light, very good shooting ability) -Adidas Predator Absolion X TRX FG UCL $219.99(Reliable, good all around) -Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite $283.99(Very Very good all around -Puma PWR-C 1.10 FG $188.99(Kangaroo leather, very nice shooting boost) -Nike T-90s Laser Elite FG $292.49(Kind of light, very good control and footwork) -Puma v.1.10 Tricks i FG $232.99(Very nice, comfortable, and good shooting) -Adidas Adipure FG $156.99(Cheap, but one of the best pair of cleats out there.) I hope these help you...

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