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There are a number of very good cleats that you could buy... here's a list

-Adidas Adizeroes $179.99 (Very light, improves speed and footwork by a lot)

-Nike Mercurial Vapor VI's FG $263.99(Pretty Light, very good shooting ability)

-Adidas Predator Absolion X TRX FG UCL $219.99(Reliable, good all around)

-Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite $283.99(Very Very good all around

-Puma PWR-C 1.10 FG $188.99(Kangaroo leather, very nice shooting boost)

-Nike T-90s Laser Elite FG $292.49(Kind of light, very good control and footwork)

-Puma v.1.10 Tricks i FG $232.99(Very nice, comfortable, and good shooting)

-Adidas Adipure FG $156.99(Cheap, but one of the best pair of cleats out there.)

I hope these help you...

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Q: What soccer cleat should you wear?
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Is there a certain cleat that a soccer goalie should wear?

No, a goalkeeper can wear any boot they want, there are no special boot designed for keepers.

How did the soccer cleat impact science?

Water can wear down the soles of the shoes.

What does a soccer cleat and a baseball cleat look like?

Soccer shoes do not have a cleat in the front while baseball shoes do.

Can you wear a soccer cleat for baseball?

Sure. But to get the most out of cleats you should probably wear baseball. there will probably be less traction while digging into the dirt on the infield

What kind of shoes does a American football player wear?

cleatsa football player wears a cleat, but not a soccer cleat. There is a differencefootball trainers when playing football!

How much soccer cleats weigh?

depends on the cleat what cleat do you have

Are there minerals in soccer cleat?


Is it ok to wear softball cleats for soccer?

No. Softball shoes with a cleat under the front toes cannot be used for soccer. However you can go the other way and use soccer cleats for softball. My daughter does fine without the toe cleat.

Is the nike tiempo a soccer or baseball cleat?

They are soccer cleats, but can also be used for other cleat sports if you play recreationally. If you play competitively, then you should get the sport-specific footwear.

What are parts of a soccer cleat?

they are shoes

What is Nike's lightest soccer cleat?

The Gs soccer clear.

Why do kickers in the NFL wear 2 different cleats?

They do this because on their kicking foot, the prefer a soccer cleat because the laces are not placed directly on the kicking surface, (the top of the foot) but instead slightly off center. As for the other shoe, these mismatching kickers generally wear a football cleat or one with better traction than a soccer cleat. This provides for increased stability on the plant foot.

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