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i don't know the exact weight of the helmet, but if you are looking for a comfortable protective helmet, the revo speed of this would be your helmet of choice, but if you are looking for the lighter of the two, take the revo speed

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Q: What is the weight of a schutt ion adult helmet?
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What helmet should you get Schutt Recruit YFS or schutt ion 4d-dw?

The Recruit YFS is an old, discontinued Schutt helmet which means you probably can only find them used. It was replaced with the Schutt DNA Recruit a couple years ago.The ION 4D is Shutt's top of the line helmet. It offers great protection, but isn't cheep. Also, because of it's weight, it's not recommended for players younger than 12.If you are buying for a young player, I recommend not the Recruit YFS, but the Schutt DNA Recruit. It's one of the top selling Schutt youth helmets right now.If you are buying for an older player, the Schutt ION 4D is the best you can get.

Is the Schutt ion 4D helmet have a high or low hookup?

High Hook Up! call 866 496 4327 XO Sports to order!

What is the lightest adult football helmet available?

The Riddell Revolution for Kids. Just go to Google, type in revolution football helmets, and click on Actually it is the Youth Schutt ION 4D. Go to and click on football helmets then click on the !YOUTH! Schutt ION 4D and that can give you locations by your house where they sell it. Or you can go to Google and type in schutt ion 4d football helmets and click on football America or team express. Actually the safest helmet is the Xenith X1. . It's a young company but their technology is proven to reduce concussions more so than the Schutt and Riddell counterparts. Because it's an advanced product, it's pricey. Your kid's brain health is priceless.

Can schutt face-masks fit a riddell helmet?

Generally, the answer is yes, as many college and NFL teams buy Schutt facemasks for their Riddell Revolutions or VSR-4 helmets. Schutt makes over 80% of the world's facemasks. There are specific model Schutt facemasks that fit Revolutions, otherwise the traditional Schutt facemasks will fit the VSR-4 helmet and other Riddell helmets. They can fit, but if you're like me and have a fat head, Schutt facemasks make Riddell helmets far too tight around the jaws. I am in the middle of customizing all of my Riddell VSR-4 helmets with Schutt facemasks ( like the pros) and have found that if you use Riddell thick bar clips with the Schutt facemasks, it makes a far better fit. I'm unaware if college and pro players do this, though.

What football helmet protects the most for concussions?

the best helment to prevent concussions is 1. Xenith- Best helment to buy 2. Any Riddell revo helment 3. Schutt DNA pro/ ion 4. A normal Riddell helment 5. A normal Schutt helment 6. Adams football helment

Do any NFL players wear Schutt Helmets?

The quick answer is yes. The rest of the answer is that you will never see the name Schutt on an NFL field as Riddell has the rights to that. But 60% of the NFL players are now wearing a model of Schutt helmet.

What is the most protective youth football helmet?

The most protective helmets in order from best to last: 1. Schutt DNA Pro + 2. Schutt Ion 4d 3. Riddell Revo Speed

What helmets do NFL players use?

the official helmet company of the NFL is Riddell, so most players in the NFL wear those, because in order to wear any other helmet the players have to have the name of the company taken off the helmet. ive noticed that most players wear the Revolution Speed by Riddell. its the best helmet that Riddell produces. ive only seen two other players wearing a helmet by another company although im sure there are more, Chad Ochocinco and Justin Tuck both wear the Ion 4D by Schutt which is the best helmet made to this point.

What type of FACE MASK does Justin Tuck of the New York Giants wear?

It is a Schutt ion 4d helment

What is the safest football helmet?

Easy answer: POC Skull Comp. As I ski racer, I know what kind of requirements needed to protect my noggin. Previously had Uvex, which sucked. Got a concussion with it, shocks broke in it. I have to say Leedom is not very into what the top racers are wearing for helmets. Don't go with leedom. Boeri competition is a good helmet as well. Shred is probably the number 2 best helmet with Briko and Boeri tailing behind it. POC is completely on top with safety.

How is the schutt ion 4d helmet?

I bought both helmets (one for each son) and this is what I found:The comfort that the Revolution Speed helmet has is so much better than the Schutt Iod4d that my other son made me buy him one too. Not to mention it looks much cooler, and is less expensive.It also has a quick release system that is used to remove the faceguard without risking injury of the player and cuts the time in half of getting to their airways. Schutt claims to have this same technology, but once you try it you will notice you have to pull and tug on the facegaurd to get it off. I recommend the Speed helmet. I have been watching TV and games to see how many players wear the Speed compared to how many wear the ION. You will see at least 10 players wearing the Speed until you see 1 wearing the IODThe difference between the two is great. The Schutt Ion 4D is a different kind of helmet. The Riddell uses more traditional "foam" padding. If you've ever worn a Riddell VSR-4 and the DNA for example, you would have noticed that the DNA practically eliminates the "jarring" from helmet to helmet or the ground, this is primarily due what is called "large standoff" which means the helmet sits further from your head, this improves ventilation and leaves room for more effective padding like the "TPU" cushioning used in newer Schutt helmets.. The field of view is about the same depending on the face-mask you choose so dont believe the "hype" about the Speed's advantage in that sense. The Riddell is designed for style and easy accessibility, and in that respect it excels. But the Schutt (IMO) does more to prevent you from being in a neck, head and spinal injury situation in the first place. Try them on, every helmet is better than none, and for god's sake, keep your head up, THAT alone prevents more injuries than a helmet.(e.g. spearing, bull rushing) Also, most studies show the Schutt helmets (TPU Series) outperforming Riddell, Riddell will only compare their helmets to older, traditionally padded helmets.

Who makes better helmets Schutt or Riddell?

it depends what you are looking for... If you are a running back that get hit hard alot get a shutt ion 4d... if your looking for something comfortable and reduces concussions you might want to get a revo speed