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It is a Schutt ion 4d helment

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Football face mask

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Q: What type of FACE MASK does Justin Tuck of the New York Giants wear?
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What face-mask does Justin Tuck ware?

it looks to me like the helmet is a Schutt DNA..I would assume that schutt would be the makers of the facemask.

Is Justin tuck a hall of famer?

Are you talking about defensive end Justin Tuck of the New York Giants because if you are the answer to that question is no because Justin is still in the lineup for the Giants. The Giants are not doing that well this year but Eli Manning is holing up the team with his own bare hands.

What type of face-mask does Justin Tuck wear. It's the one with six horizontal bars?

it looks like a schutt helmet, so mabey look their. but it is sick

What position did Justin tuck play?

Defensive End for the New York Giants.

Who produces Justin tuck face?

manufacturer, Schutt Sports

What face mask does Justin Tuck ware?

well i dont think anyone will answer your question because "ware" is actually spelled wear. now because you asked that in the "justin beiber" section i will give you a break and assume you are a 13 year old girl interested in football, and i will tell you that the face mask is custom. it is to prevent hands from getting caught in the mask and causing neck contorsion, he has been suffering from chronic neck injuries and the face mask will prevent further damage.

Who are the New York Giants captains?

Justin Tuck, Chase Blackburn and Eli Manning.

Who are two defensive players on the New York Giants?

Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul

What type of face-mask does Justin Tuck wear it's the one with six horizontal bars?

yes. its the one with 6 bars and the linemen with last name Canty also has the big "grate" facemask.

Who was the first team player to score in the Super Bowl 2012?

Giants defense (Safety forced by Justin Tuck).

Who is the other football player in the subway commercial with mike strahan?

New york giants de Justin tuck

Who are the cousins from Alabama playing in the Super Bowl?

Linebacker Adalius Thomas of the Patriots and defensive end Justin Tuck of the Giants.