What is the volleyball spike used for?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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in volleyball, a spike shot is a shot performed in order for the ball to travel faster and to also make it harder for opponents to defend the shot.

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Q: What is the volleyball spike used for?
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In a volleyball game when is a spike used?

you can you used spike in volleyball once you achieved immortaility

How is the spike used in volleyball?

to pop the ball

What muscles are used to spike a volleyball and how are they used?

your legs because you have to jump high enough

What are the significiant term used in volleyball?

The most significant terms in volleyball are spike, serve, footfault, set and bump

What are some spike volleyball cheers?

S-P-I-K-E spike that volleyball (clap clap)

What is Set used for in volleyball?

to set someone up to spike someone t

What is the most offensive hit used in volleyball is the?

front row spike or kill

What is a kill in volleyball?


What is an idiom for volleyball?

set, spike

What is the jump serving in volleyball?


What is a nothername for attack in volleyball?

A spike

What is an overhand position in volleyball?

a spike