What is the jump serving in volleyball?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the jump serving in volleyball?
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What are 2 ways of hitting a volleyball?

You can hit i volleyball by bumping it, serving it, spiking it, jump serving, roll shot, roll serve, and jump roll

Can the volleyball player serve at any place along the serving line?

They have to be behind the serving line, but they can jump past this line when serving.

What is the most popular serve technique in volleyball?

Most people use the overhand serving method. Usually, beginner use underhand serving.

What is the distance from the volleyball net to the serving line for volleyball?

The distance from the volleyball net to the serving line for volleyball is approximately 29 feet and 6 inches.

What is jump serve?

It's in volleyball where instead of just standing and serving you do an approach, throw up the ball and serve it. Hope i helped:)

What is an approach jump in volleyball?

The approach in volleyball is the process in which a hitter prepares themmselves to jump up and hit the ball.

What is a vertical jump in volleyball?

A vertical jump is when you jump straight up in the air

Can you jump serve in volleyball?

yes you can

What is a jump float serve in volleyball?

A float serve is serving the ball in a way that makes it move so that it is harder to tell where it's going. The ball is harder to track and passers must focus harder to volleyball pass the ball.

What does a play begin with in volleyball?

The rally begins with a serving from the serving team.

How can a player foul whilst serving in volleyball?

If your foot is on the serving line

What is the meaning of spiking in volleyball?

To spike a volleyball is to jump and hit it over the net