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It would depend on the severity of your tendonitis and what tendons are affected. If you have tendonitis and want to train for a marathon, you should see your doctor before starting any sort of training program.

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Q: What is the train for a marathon with Tendonitis?
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How many days before a marathon should you strength train legs?

Well if it were me I would train my legs as much as I can in fact I would train the day I heard about the marathon.

Did Terry Fox train for marathon?


Where can I do half marathon training?

Consult with a personal trainer to find out how best to train for a half marathon. Also you can visit your local gym to learn about training for marathon running.

How much should you run to train for a half marathon?

It depends on how much running experience you have already and how much time you have to train.

How does one participate in a marathon training program?

You can train for a marathon on your own if you have the dedication to do all of the training exercises. Check out your local running program, if there is one, to see if they have a training program. If not, check out a personal marathon trainer who has ideas on what to do.

Who discovered tendonitis?

No one knows who discovered tendonitis. Tendonitis is an inflammation of tendons causing pain in that area. A tendon is a thick fibrous chord that attaches muscle to bone.

How did Terry Fox prepare and train for his marathon?

he started track and field and then he stated a little walk

Where can one find advice on how to train to run a half marathon?

There are many places to get advice on how to train for a half marathon. One could join a sports club or fitness club that is focused on running, get in touch with a personal trainer or with other marathon runners. There are also books related to it. Another option is to consult helpful websites such as MarathonRookie and Menshealth.

Where may one find a good guide for people wanting to learn about marathon running?

There are a number of websites that provide good guides for people wanting to learn about marathon running. For example, there are training guides on sites such as Runner's World, Marathon Rookie or Cool Running that provide good tips and advice on how to train and run a marathon. Alternatively, there a number of good guides you can purchase, such as 'The Expert's Guide to Marathon Running', 'The Marathon and Half-Marathon', or 'Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide'.

How should kids train for a marathon?

It probably be best to do cardiovascular activities such as mountan biking or running on a treadmile.

A tendonitis that leads to mineral deposits is known as?

A tendonitis that leads to mineral deposits is referred to as calcification tendonitis. Tendinitis is when a tendon becomes inflamed, irritated, or experiences swelling.

How should a marathon runner train before a marathon?

One should make sure they stay hydrated and rest up well before a marathon. One should also lather themselves with Vaseline or body lotion in places where one could possibly get chaffed.