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he started Track and Field and then he stated a little walk

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Q: How did Terry Fox prepare and train for his marathon?
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Did Terry Fox train for marathon?


Is terry fox famous or not?

Terry Fox is famous because he ran for the marathon of Hope.

Where terry fox lived?

Terry fox lived in Canada where he ran the marathon with one leg

When did Terry Fox start his marathon?


Who is the founder of the marathon of hope?

Terry Fox

Who started The Marathon of Hope?

Terrance Stanley Fox ( Terry Fox)

In which country did terry fox get cancer?

Terry Fox was a Canadian. Known as the inspiration of the Marathon of Hope, Terry Fox died from cancer.

Who went on the marathon of hope with Terry Fox?


What is Terry Fox's run name?

marathon of hope

What did Terry Fox call his run?

the marathon of hope

What year did Terry Fox do his run?

Terry Fox ran his Marathon of Hope across Canada in the year of 1980.

Terry Fox is known for what event?

Terrry Fox was known for the marathon of hope!