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Q: What is the term in volleyball used to move players into another position?
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Do players move anti clockwise or clockwise in volleyball?

you move clockwise.

Why is there a short player on a volleyball team?

He/She is probably the setter. They will move to the front of the court to get the best position to set. Taller players will spike sets.

In volleyball after the ball is served can the other players move anywhere?

yes, as soon as the server hits the ball and it is in motion others players can move

What move in volleyball is allowed for a players hands above the net?

its called a tip

What is the only move in volleyball where the players hands are allowed above the net?


Do players move counterclockwise in volleyball?

Yes, the girls, or boys, do. Its called a rotation. You do this whenever a ball touches the floor on the other side of the volleyball net.

Can you move out of position while ball is in play in indoor volleyball?

Yeah you can move out of position- volleyball would be pretty tough if you couldn't. Just make sure you are in the right rotation before the serve or else the ref can call you out of rotation or an overlap. After the ball is hit you can move out of that position to play defense, set, hit, and/or block.

What is the only move in volleyball where players hands are allowed above the net?


Why do they use those materials in volleyball?

Do you mean clothes? Well, they use them so that the players can move around easier.

Why do volleyball players wear spandex?

Because it lets them move around and your shorts don't get caught in your knee pads.

What direction do you roatate in volleyball?

In Volleyball, you typically rotate clockwise- so if you were in the serving position (back right), the you'd move to the center back position. Where you stand exactly depends on the system of court placement you're running.

Rotational fault committed in volleyball?

Before a set begins, the players are put in a certain order based on their position on the court. Though they can move anywhere once the ball is served, the players must be in this order beforehand. If the referee or scorekeeper notices that the players have gone out of rotation, an automatic time out is called on the team, and the players must be put back in the proper order.

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