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its called a tip

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Q: What move in volleyball is allowed for a players hands above the net?
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What is the only move in volleyball where the players hands are allowed above the net?


How players substitutes are there in volley ball?

Yes there are substitutes in volleyball but a coach/team can only have so many subsitutions. There can only be 10 subsitutions per game and an overall 30 substitutions for a match of 2 out of 3 games or an overall of 50 substitutions for a match of 3 out of 5 games.

What is the difference between volleyball and soccer?

in volleyball you use your hands, and in soccer you use your feet, with the exception of the goalie. Also in volleyball, you play on a smaller court, with 6-8 players, in soccer you can have i believe up to 12 or 14 players on the field.

Why aren't you allowed to dig a volleyball with linked fingers?

takes too long to put your hands together, no time to react.

What is set in volleyball?

Setting is a movement in volleyball to get the ball over the net. To set a player has to raise both hands above there head and push there hands forwards, which pushes the ball over. Setting is normally used by one of the players in the front row of the team.

How do you block on big beach sports volleyball?

Beach volleyball takes more strength and is harder because of the lack of players. There is no taken the ball with your hands on serve receive and sets must have little or no spin. Unlike indoor there are two players not 6 so it is more demanding then indoor.

What is it called when a players hands above the rim when the ball is slammed through the hoop?


What are differences between football and volleyball?

Vball- 6 players Bball- 5 players Vball- you serve it Bball- you throw it

When can a player lead off the base in volleyball?

Volleyball does not have bases . We do have positions though . Players may not switch positions without a substitution before the ball is served . After the ball leaves the server's hands the players are aloud to move wherever they wish on the court . But until the ball is hit they must stay in their positions without overlapping .

Is hurting you hands in volleyball normal?

Hurting your hands in volleyball is almost a given. I have been playing volleyball for over six years and I have jammed at least three fingers each season. Additionally, I have torn ligaments in my thumb and I need to get surgery. Volleyball is all about your hands. Your hands are involved in every play. If you are a setter, you need strong hands and fingers because your fingers are used in every play.

The first 'quick'' play in volleyball?

A "1". When the pass is perfect, your setter can barely set it, making it about half a foot above her head, right into the hands of your middle hitter.

What is palming a volleyball?

Palming a volleyball is holding the ball in one of your hands with the hand holding the ball from the top of the ball.