What is the slowest time a 3rd grade girl has run a mile?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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She's still trying and she would fake injuries just to get out of P.E. class.

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Q: What is the slowest time a 3rd grade girl has run a mile?
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What is the fastest time a 4th grade girl has run a mile?

4.9 minunetes

Is a 7.04 mile a good time for a 6th grade girl?

yes. I'm an skinny 8th grade girl who's pretty healthy and i got 7.30. u got nothin to be worried about

How fast does the average 7th grade girl run the mile?

It all depends on how fit the girl is. If they are active and do sports the average time would be 7-9 minutes.

What is cross country PE?

Best runner in the world(currently): JFire with a time of 2:31 seconds in the mile Slowest: KBenk with a time of: hes still running his first mile

What is the slowest mile run time ever?

The slowest mile run time isn't really a recorded thing.. someone could just say they're running a mile, and just stroll along, taking breaks to watch the clouds and birds, count the stars, take a nap, etc. A mile could be run in several days or even several months, depending upon the patience of the 'runner'.

What is a good mile time for seventh graders?

I just finished 8th grade, and my mile time is about 6 1/2 minutes. If I remember correctly, my 7th grade mile time was anywhere from about 7-8 minutes. anything below 7:30

Is a time of 550 in the mile good for a seventh grade girl?

eh, so-so. normally gym teachers say the average for a 7th grade girl. usually you try to aim for about 3 minutes or around theree. if you run a mile everyday, or even once a week, your time will improve because you will be in better shape.I'm not sure what the reference to 3 minutes is all fastest 7th grade girl time is 5:30. Going under 6 is a BIG deal for our track girls. In PE going under 7:30 is bonus points!

Average mile time for a 12 year old boy?

I'm a seventh grade 12 year old girl that just ran the mile in 7.55... The boy's average was about 6 minutes flat with the fastest 4.57

How long does it take the average person to run 1 mile?

i can run a 5:43 and im in 9th grade girl... but all my friends are fit and they run about a 7 or 8 minute mile... i think the average mile time for a girl my age is about an 8 minute mile. if anyone disagrees then so be it im not a scientist... just a person. everyone can give their opion

What is the average time for a seventh grade girls mile?

Seventh graders have not yet been officially clocked for speed, e.g., 10 miles per hour, etc. Though, the fastest a human being can run (not a seventh grader, but the fastest a human being can run) is 23 miles per hour. Seventh graders have not yet been specifically clocked for speed.

What is a good 400m time for a grade 7 girl?

1:12 or under is really good time for a girl in 7 grade

What is the fastest time a 3rd grade boy has run a mile?