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If an opponents ball is struck by your ball on the green while putting fom on the green his ball is replaced as close as is possible to its original position and you are charged with a one stroke penalty. If your ball is off the green and you hit his ball their is no penalty but his ball is to be replaced as close to possible to its original position. If the ball is not replaced and then played that player will be then be required to replace it back to its original spot and charged 2 stroke penalty.

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Q: What is the rule on hitting another golfers ball on the greens?
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What do you do if your golf ball lies in front of another players ball?

If they are that close most rules officials will allow one of the golfers to mark his ball to let one of the two golfers hit his/her ball then allow the person who marked their ball to hit.

Why do i hit the golf ball off the toe?

The main reason for hitting the golf ball off the toe of the club is that the golfer is turning his body too soon during the swing, pulling the body and the club away from the ball. Lifting of the golfers head before hitting the ball can also contribute to the problem.

Does a golfer have to remove their ball from the hole before another golfer can putt to that hole?

Yes... It is a rule... Having another golfers ball in the hole might prevent the other ball to go in the hole..

How do golfers make the ball spin backwards?

Putting the ball back in there stance, putting there feet a little closer together and haveing a very steep swing plane (very upright and hitting down on the ball to sweep underneath it).

What sport uses wedge?

Golf uses a wedge. A wedge is a type of golf club and golfers mainly use it for hitting the golf ball out of the bunker. (sand pit).

What is the favorite golf ball of golfers?

Titleist's ProV1

What are the most common reasons for hitting the serve into the net?

One reason is tossing the ball too low. Another is hitting it too low.

Why do golfers mark their ball putting green?

They mark their ball out of courtesy for other players as if one player on the green hits the ball of another they receive a two shot penalty. It is also so the player can clean his ball and line it up.

Why do golfers put a mark on their ball?

because when other golfers are putting if they hit your ball its a penalty stroke against the person whos the ball belongs to Also a lot of golfers will mark with a straight lie or dot so they can line up the ball more accurately for tee shots and putting. It makes it easier to see the line of travel for your club.

In cricket After hitting the ball ball has broken but one part of the ball landed in side the boundary another part landed in out side the boundary what will happen?

It will be considered a six.

A player tees off and drives his ball out of bounds He tees another and drives it out of bounds He tees a third ball and is shooting stroke?

hitting stroke 7

Why do golfers use white ball?

Because the black ones won't work.

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