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There is no requirement that the ball be removed, but it is considered good Golf etiquette. As pointed out by one commentator, why deprive someone of that glorious sound of a ball hitting the bottom of the cup after all the hazards, mulligans and lost balls?

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Yes... It is a rule... Having another golfers ball in the hole might prevent the other ball to go in the hole..

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Q: Does a golfer have to remove their ball from the hole before another golfer can putt to that hole?
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If ball stray away toward any golfer or away from your golf hole?

Call 'fore' if another Golfer is in danger.

Why are there 3 golf balls in a sleeve?

Not much of a golfer here, but I am guessing that before eighteen holes are played, one golf ball will be underwater, and another will disappear in the rough.

When was John Ball - golfer - born?

John Ball - golfer - was born on 1861-12-24.

What happens if golfer's ball is lost?

You are penalized one stroke and you must go back and play another ball from where you played your last shot. This is your only option.

What kind of a faux pas could a golfer make?

A golfer could play out of turn, hit another person's ball , cheat , fail to yell FORE to warn others on the course of an oncoming drive shot.

Can a golfer mark his golf ball position with a daisy?


What Distance does a professional golfer drive ball off tee?

A professional golfer would drive the ball around 270-330 yards off the tee consistently.

If a golfer made a tee shot and the ball landed short of the green. An animal came along and placed the ball in it's mouth and moved it to putting position. where would the ball be placed?

back to the aproximate position of the ball before it was moved by the animal

A golfer can only do what for five minutes?

search for a missing ball.

When the golfer in the picture hits the ball how is energy transferred?

When the golfer strikes the ball, the energy from his swing is transferred to the club. The club then transfers this energy to the ball upon impact, sending it flying through the air. The speed and distance the ball travels depends on the amount of energy transferred from the golfer to the club to the ball.

What does a golfer put on a shot to lessen pressure on top of ball?


What pro golfer stripped to his underwear to hit the ball?

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