What is the quickest goal scored in soccer?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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in 2 SecOnDs

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Q: What is the quickest goal scored in soccer?
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What was the goalkeepers name to have scored the quickest goal?

Alexander Mogilny

Who scored the quickest premiership goal?

ledley king of tottenham hotspur scored after 10 seconds.

When is it a goal throw in soccer?

When a goal is scored off a throw in

What do you call a goal scored in overtime of a soccer match?

It is merely "a goal."

Who scored the quickest goal in champions league and which year?

Kaka and C. Ronaldo both scored in 19 seconds.

Has a soccer goalkeeper ever scored a goal?

The Laws of the Game do not dictate where a player can or cannot be on the field during normal play, there are restrictions during some restarts.

How are goals scored in soccer?

By getting the ball into the goal ie score a goal

When is a soccer goal scored?

When the ball enters either goal while in play.