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Once any player has touched it after a throw-in a goal may be scored.

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Q: Can a soccer goal be scored from a throw in if the opponent's goalie touches before it goes in the goal?
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Can a soccer goal be scored from a throw-in if the opponent's goalie touches before it goes in the goal?

Once any player touches the ball after a throw-in, a goal may be scored.

Has a goalie ever scored a goal?

yes a goalie has scored a goal and that was Marty broduer of the new jersy devils

What is it called when a goalie isn't scored on?

A shutout

Can a goal be scored from an indirect free kick?

Not unless another player touches it before it enters the goal.

What is the longest hockey goal scored when a goalie was in net?

There are goalies that have scored on the other goalie. the rink is 200ft long, so it's just under 200ft (at the most).

What is England's soccer goalie who scored for the us?

robbert green

Is it a own goal when the ball touches the goalie and gets scored?

No. If the ball was going into the net if the goalkeeper had not touched it then it is not an own goal. If the ball was going wide and the keeper pushes it back into the goal then it is an own goal.

Who was the goalie when Wayne Gretzky scored goal no 802?

Kirk McLean

How did how did Billie the goalie from the ilanders scored his goal?

by putting the puck in the net

Most recent NHL goalie to score?

Patrick Roy scored in 2003 which is the most recent nhl goalie to score in a game and playoff game.

Who was the Canucks goalie that Joel Otto scored on in 89 Game 7?

Kirk McLean

In hockey Who made the goal as a goalie?

The first Goalie to score a goal was Ron Hextall on December 8, 1987. If you don't count the Islander's goalie scoring on himself. EDIT: It has happened a few times. There are instances where the goalie did not shoot the puck into the net, but was the alst person to touch before the other team accidentally scored on themselves. Here is a list

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