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It was scored by a goal keeper, take a look at this:

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Q: Who scored the furthest soccer goal in history?
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Related questions

Who scored the furthest goal ever in football history?

Paul Robinson

Who scored the first goal in soccer history?


Who scored the first soccer goal in history?

lucien larent

Who has scored the most goal in soccer history?

Pele has recorded 1201 goals.

Who scored the first goal in a soccer game?

anybody could scored first goal in a soccer.

Who scored the first goal in major league soccer history in 1996?

Eric Wynalda

What soccer player scored the fastest goal in the World Cup?

Hakan Sukur of Turkey scored the fastest goal in World Cup history when he scored a goal in just 11 seconds at the 2002 World Cup finals.

What is the furthest goal scored in soccer?

Goalkeepers have scored direct from goal kicks, i.e. six yards out from their own goal. Launch it up field and see it bounce over the other goalkeeper and go in. That's about as long as it's possible to get. As an approximate figure, about 100 yards.

What was the Latest goal scored in world cup history?

In the women's world cup the Abby Wambach from the U.S. team scored a goal in the 122nd minute in their quarter-final game against Brazil and I think that is the latest goal in Fifa history in men's and women's soccer.

What is the furthest goal ever scored in football?

Pail Robinson

What was the furthest distance a goal was scored from in the World Cup and who scored it?

42 yards Arie Haan

Can a goal be scored in soccer from a start kick?

Yes, a goal can be scored directly from the kick off.

When is it a goal throw in soccer?

When a goal is scored off a throw in

Who scored the first goal in Flyers' history?

The first goal in Flyers' history was scored by Bill Sutherland.

What do you call a goal scored in overtime of a soccer match?

It is merely "a goal."

What does gs mean in soccer?

goal scored

Who was the highest goal scorer in soccer history?

Pele is the highest goal scorer in soccer history.

What happens in soccer after a goal is scored?

When a goal is scored in a standard regulation game of soccer, the ball is returned to the middle of the field for a kickoff by the team scored on the same way the first kickoff is when the game first begins.

How is a point scored in soccer?

Points are scored when the ball is put into the opponent's goal.

How are goals scored in soccer?

By getting the ball into the goal ie score a goal

When is a soccer goal scored?

When the ball enters either goal while in play.

In soccer What is a goal scored in over time called?

a goal "Golden" goal

Has a soccer goalkeeper ever scored a goal?


What is the quickest goal scored in soccer?

in 2 SecOnDs

Can a soccer goal be scored from a throw in if the opponent's goalie touches before it goes in the goal?

Once any player has touched it after a throw-in a goal may be scored.