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Prize money list can be found at:

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Q: What is the prize money for every player making the cut in the 2008 masters golf tournament?
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When is the Masters Golf Tournament?

The Master's Golf Tournament is held in early April every year.

Does the masters golf tournament use the same pin placements every year?


What is the only major golf tournament held at the same course every year?

The Masters

Where was the masters tournament in 1986?

Augusta National, Augusta, Georgia. It is held at the same course every year.

At the first meeting of the tennis Club the 7 members decided to have a tournament in which every player will play a match against every other player .How many matches will there be in the tournament?

21 matches

Where is the masters golf tournament held every year?

It is held at Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia, USA.

What is the formula of double round robin tournament?

In a double round robin tournament, each player plays against every other player twice. In a single round robin tournament, everyone plays against each player only once.

History of the masters golf tournament?

The tournament began in 1934. Played each year at Augusta National, in Augusta, Georgia. The only major championship to be held at the same course every year. The course is famous for the breathtaking scenery, lightening fast greens and colorful flowers. The winner of The Masters receives a green jacket, and a life time exemption to the tournament, along with a healthy winners' cheque.

Do pro bass fisherman have to go to every FLW tournament?

No, bass fisherman do not have to go to every FLW tournament.

What golf major is played at the same course each year?

On the PGA Tour, the only Major that is played at the same course every year is The Masters. The tournament is held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia every year.

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