What golf major is played at the same course each year?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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On the PGA Tour, the only Major that is played at the same course every year is The Masters. The tournament is held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia every year.

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Q: What golf major is played at the same course each year?
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When was montrose golf course first played on?

1562, it is the world's fifth oldest golf course.

Is golf a place or thing?

Golf is a sport that is played in a place called a golf course.

What golf course has hosted the most major championships?

Every single week there is a different golf course which the PGA Tour plays at. They are usually the same year to year. The Masters is the only major which is played at the same course every year, the other 3 play at courses on their rotations.

Where is the race to Dubai golf which golf course is it played on?

it is played on Jumeirah Golf Estates,Dubai,United Arab Emirates.

Is there golf in Rome?

Yes, pretty much every major city in the world has a golf course

What are some good golf courses near Orlando?

Some good golf courses near Orlando is the Springs Ranch Golf Course, The M.J. Golf Course, and the golf course the Masters was played on a few years ago.

A game played on an outdoor course with tees?


Is golf played in Australia?

Yes, golf is played in Australia. There are many world class Australian golf professionals.

What course played host to the US Open?

Winged Foot Golf Course

Golf was the first played in which country?

Scotland. The world's oldest golf course is Saint Andrews.

Is golf played in college?

Of Course! But I don't think it is part of the course, maybe just part of the subject per se! But I am definitely sure that golf is played even when you are in college.

What major golf championship is played in April?

The Masters.