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It is the 10th spot in the batting order of a player that only plays defense but does not bat.

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Q: What is the position flex in softball?
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In softball what do you call the person who bats for the flex player?

The DP

What does flex mean in fantasy football?

Flex is a position in Fantasy Football. It means that you can use a player from a list of eligible positions (depending on your league rules) to fill the flex position. For example, you may use a TE to fill the flex position one week and a WR to fill it the next. It is a flexible position.

In softball what player is position 1?

The answer is pitcher :)

What is the most important posission in softball?

the most important position in softball is deffinatley first base.

What is flex in softball?

a 'flex' is a player (commonly the pitcher) who only fields and does not bat! they have a DP or DH (designated player/designated hitter) who bats in their place :) hope that helps !

What softball position is UT?

"UT" is Utility Which means you can play any position.

What position should you play in softball if you are a beginner?


What softball position did elisabeth hasselbeck play?


What position did cat osterman play in softball?


What is the most important postion in softball?

The most important position in softball is 1st base and pitcher

Do softball pitchers usually hit home runs?

No they are the same as any normal softball player playing there position

What position in softball is between first and second base?


Can a softball glove be used for an outfield position in baseball?


What softball position did Carrie Underwood play?

She played catcher.

What are the infielders position for softball?

same as baseball but with a bigger ball

What muscle can flex and extend the shoulder depending on the position?

Pectoralis major

What is the hardest position in softball?

the hardest position is catcher. i have playled many other position none harder than catcher.

What is the primary action of the sartouris?

Flex and abduct hip, flex and medially rotate the knee, thus attaining 'tailors' sitting position.

What does outfielder mean in softball?

An outfielder is a position in softball where you stand outside of the bases like on the field and when the ball is hit to you, you throw it in.

What softball position is sf?

Short field. Standing at grassline of outfield.

What softball position is MI?

Middle infield. Shortstop or 2nd base.

What is the most popular position in softball?

I would have to say short stop

What position on the field requires the player to have great agility softball?


Where is shortfield position in softball?

It's the forth outfielder in slow pitch.

What softball position is sf -?

Short field. Standing at grassline of outfield.