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There is just as much point in curling as there is in any other sport. you could ask what the point in football or Rugby or cricket or any other sport is. Curling is great fun to the people who play it and if you know enough about it it can be thrilling to watch

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Q: What is the point of curling?
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What do you put in front of curling with Le du de lu in French?

Le curling (masculine noun): J'aime le curling (I like curling) Du curling: j'ai fait du curling (I played curling)

What is the Name for a curling match?

A curling match is simply called a curling match. A bonspiel is a curling tournament.

Is silver in a curling iron?

No. A curling iron does NOT have silver in it!!.. There are silver curling irons but there are no curling irons with silver in them!

Why do my toes curl when I point my feet?

Your toes are curling because it is your bodies natural way of trying to point your feet farther. If it makes you feel any better my feet do it too.

How do you say are you curling tonight?

If you mean 'curling (your hair)': Are you curling tonight = Ensortijas anoche? If you mean the game of curling (on ice), there is no Spanish equivalent, so you'd have to say: Juegas a 'curling' anoche = Are you playing at 'curling' tonight?

Where did curling begin?

Curling originated in Scotland.

Where was curling Started?

curling started in Europe :)

Where is curling taking place?

In a curling rink

What are the main pieces of equipment in curling?

the main pieces you need for curling are a good pair of curling shoes, curling gloves, a slider for your shoe, and a broom, the rocks are provided by the curling arena.

What is the equipment called for curling?

The playing surface is called a "curling sheet."The stone that slides across the curling sheet is called the "curling stone."The brush used to sweep the ice in the path of the curling stone is called the "curling broom."Shoes worn during curling are called "Curling shoes" and are in two types, "sliders" and "grippers"

Who evented curling?

Curling was invented in Scotland in the 1500's, and the World Curling Federation--the governing body of curling--is still based there. Curling was brought to Canada by Scottish immigrants in the 1800's, and Canada is now where curling is most popular.

Who won silver for curling for the Olympics at 2010?

in woman's curling it was Canada and in men's curling it was Norway

Where does curling take place?

where does curling take place

How do you score a point in curling?

you need to speed up a lot and try to curve more when you go around the poles

Is curling dangerous?

curling is dangerous because the rock can slide o you foot and you can trip on the rock as your curling

Is curling played in Serbia?

Yes. The National Curling Association of Serbia is a member of the World Curling Federation.

What causes more damage to your hair curling it with a flat iron or curling it with a curling iron?

Curling It With A Curling Iron Damages Your Hair More . _____________ Whichever tool is turned up to the highest temperature will be the more damaging one.

Is throwing rocks at a house a sport?

It is called curling , the curling ROCK and you throw it at HOUSES the end of the curling rink

Where do they play curling?

Curling is a very popular sport in Canada. It is also played in the across the USA in "Curling CLubs"

What do you need to play curling?

All you need is a curling broom and a set of curling rocks (8 for each team).

Is curling an individual or team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

How was curling invented?

Curling was never invented, its a figure of your imagination

Does Russia have an Olympic curling team?

Yes, they do have a curling team.

The least popular winter sports?

Curling......its definintely curling

When was Curling on CBC created?

Curling on CBC was created in 1961.