Where is curling taking place?

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In a curling rink

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Q: Where is curling taking place?
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Where does curling take place?

where does curling take place

What weather does curling take place?


What do you call a curling team?

A "rink" is a curling team or the place they play. The ice surface is called a "sheet."

What is the curling stone used for?

The 41 pound curling stone is used for the Olympic curling game to knock the other stones out and to place the closest to the "home." if that doesn't answer your question Google it!

What sports take place in the winter Olympics in the Bahamas?


How do you wave hair with a curling iron?

This will not work with curling iron, you can braid you're hair ( if it is long enough) , after taking a shower, then leave it in for a couple days then it will be wavy.

What are curling rags?

Curling rags are used to form dramatic waves. Hair is dampened and then twisted around the rags. They are tied to stay in place.

What exactly are hair curling tongs?

"Hair curling tongs hold the hair in place while a section of it is getting curled. These are used for people with especially thick hair, and are effective when it comes to banana curling."

Which is better a curling tong or a curling wand?

I personally believe that the curling or conical wand creates better curls, however, the wand doesn't have a clasp so you have to twist the hair around the wand and hold the hair in place.

Where will the curling junior nationals take place in 2009?

Devil's Lake, ND

How do you get Bridgit Mendlers hair from wizards of Waverly place?

You curl it with a curling iron.

Do any curling irons come with video instructions?

I am not aware of any curling irons that come with video instructions, however, the internet is a great place to download or watch How-To videos for any of your needs, including using a curling iron.

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