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either foul shots or the non fouling team takes the ball out of bounds

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Q: What is the outcome of a foul on the court during general play?
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What happens if you foul out and stay on the court?

Technical foul

Can a coach give water to a player on court in netball during the game?

No, because that would be considered a foul, beacuse only players can be on the court .

If a player throws the ball from his defending court to the opposite court and it enters the rim then will it be considered a shot or a foul?

i think it would be considered a foul

Foul is fair and fair is foul?

it means two related things in general

Can another player bring up a previous foul during which was not given during snooker?

No the foul can only be given during the other players turn.

How many players can be on a basketball court per game?

At one time, there may be 10 players on a court, 5 from each team. During substitutions and time-outs, there may be brief moments when there are more than 10 players on the court at one time. During game play, keeping too many players on the court other than to switch a player out will result in a technical foul.

A player is on the bench when a technical foul is called on the opposing coach. Can this player be entered into a high school game to shoot the technical foul shot?

no that is not aloud you have to pick from the 5 you have on the court when the technical foul happens

In badminton when serving a part of each foot must remain where?

It should be in contact with the court surface or else it is called a foul, thus causing a foul....

Is it a technical foul in basketball if only 4 players are on the court?


What is the distance from the basket to foul line?

15 feet on a regulation court

What is the penalty for 6 men on the court during a free throw attempt?

A warning for a technical foul or a technical foul itself could be given on the violating team and an extra 1/2 free throws an a possession is given to the other team. The violating team is also ordered to remove one of their players.

In soccer what are the results of a foul?

The seriousness of the foul plays a major role in determining the outcome. The referee is incharge of giving the decision, but may rely on his linesmen or 4th official. An offside or minor foul simply results in a free kick. A repeated offender or silly foul will result in a free kick and yellow card. A serious foul such as preventing a goal scoring chance, handling the ball will result in a red card and free kick or penalty depending where the foul occurred.

What does Fair is foul and foul is fair mean?

The saying, 'Fair is foul and foul is fair,' carries the general meaning of 'things are all mixed up.' It is typically used to denote a situation where conventional moral rules or guidelines are being used or interpreted in a contradictory or even immoral way.

Penalty for too many players on the basketball court?

A technical foul will be charged

If the pitch dropped during delivery does not cross a foul line shall be called a no pitch?

it's a no pitch if it does not cross the foul line. if it crosses the foul line it's a ball

What are the areas to a basketball court?

Well theres the wings that are the far sides of the court but closer to the half court line, where the guards go. Theres the center which is in the paint, right near the basket. The boxes are next to the basket and that's where the fowards go. The foul line is right in front of the basket where foul shots are taken.

Does black ball get returned to table 8 ball pool after a foul?

If the black 8 ball is the object ball and a foul occurs during the shot, the game is over. This foul is loss of game.

What are the lane violations for foul shooting?

if a member of either team steps into the paint during a foul shot, it is considered a lane violation

What is a foul in basket ball?

Illegal contact. And the fouled player would have to shoot free throws if the foul happened during the act of shooting.

What is an foul in soccer?

A foul is an offense that is normally punishable by a direct free kick, is committed against an opponent, on the field, and during active play.

How many points do you lose during a foul shot?


When does a foul occur during basketball?

If a person goes against any kind of rule's is considered to be a foul and the opponent wins possession or free throw.

What are all the dimensions of the lines in a long tennis court?

The line towards the middle of the court where beginers first serve at is called the foul line. When serveing the ball should be amimed at the foul line. To your back of that line is an out of bounds line, it tells the players that if a ball bounces out onto the red it is out! Al

What are the different violation in basketball?

there are the back court violation, shooting foul, blocking foul, charging foul, over the back foul, flagrant 1 and 2 fouls, out of bounds, 5 seconds back to the basket while dribbling, 3 seconds in the key offense, 3 seconds in the key without being an arms length from an offensive player when you're on defense, traveling, double dribble, clear path foul, goal tending, reaching foul, in college 35 second violation and in NBA 24 second violation, and technical foul.

If a player crossing the center line while playing volleyball is it a faul?

If the complete foot or hand lands in the opponent court while the ball is still in play, then it is a foul; and, a partial foot crossing while landing after hitting the ball is not a foul. Also, a player making the second contact can cross below the net but outside the 30ft court of the opponent, or outside the pole hoisting the net, and hit the ball so it comes to his/her own court for a teammate to make the third contact; this is not foul; make sure that the second contact player does not go through the opponent court while doing so; he/she is allowed to only cross outside the opponent court.