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its used for the runner to step on at first so that they dont get in the first basemans way

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Q: What is the orange bag used for softball?
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Why does first base in softball have an orange and white square?

To prevent accidents from happening if the first base man and runner collide. The runner is able to veer off by going to the orange bag and the first base man is able to catch the ball from the white part of the bag.

How do you load your softball bat?

Put in Bag, then in trunk,

What are possible names for a orange softball team name?

Orange blazers, maybe.

Whats an extended first base in softball?

An extended first based in softball is known as a double bag as well. It is an orange bag that is in foul territory. A runner that is running straight through first base is entitled to the orange base, leaving the first baseman the white base to make the play. This is just to prevent unnecessary collisions at first base, as a safety precaution. It is an optional addition to fields.

How do you become an Orange?

One bag of mushrooms= orange.

Define the word bag in softball?

Saying the 'bag' in softball is referencing the base. It could be any of the bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Home). "He never touched the bag" would mean the player never touched the base.

What is the softball used for?

To play softball

What is another name for a softball field base?

It is sometimes referred to as the bag. The bag is the other term for a base.

How is softball used?

Hmmm....maybe in softball.

What is the epuipment used for in softball?

the equipment used in softball is a mitt is used to catch the ball, the bat is used to hit the ball, the bases are to run and be called safe or out, the helmet is to protect your head, the mouth guard is to protect your face if you were to have braces!, the cleets are used to run and run faster!, the bag is to keep your stuff in!

Is math used in softball?

yes, math is used in softball in many ways.

What proper equipment do you need to play softball?

what you need to play softballl: bat helmet cleats softball glove batting gloves sliding pad sliding shorts softball socks shorts shirts sunglasses softball bag good attitude rossen bag (pitchers) cathing gear sports bras glove conditioner

What all do you need for softball?

youhh need.... a ball, a bat, a glove, sliding pad, softball bag, you need lotzz of practice.... and spirit :)

What do you put in a tote bag?

Before anyone really can answer this what type of tote bag like for soccer, cheerleading, softball, baseball , or etc.??

What chemicals are used to make a softball?

what are the ingredients of making a softball

Is batbusters a softball team?

Yes, Batbusters is a softball team. They are very skilled, and I know because I have played them before. They are from Orange County, California.

What colour is Bella's school bag in twilight?


What size softball is used in high school?

a 12 inch softball

What size softball is used for 8 and under?

ten inch softball

What size softball is used in college softball?

i think it is "11" inch

What size softball is used for ASA coed slow pitch softball?

In coed asa softball a 12 softball inch for men and an 11 inch for women softball.

What size softball is used for ASA or USSSA women's fastpitch softball?

ASA and USSSA women's softball is classified as a 12 inch softball

How many oranges in a 4 pound bag?

The amount of oranges in a four pound bag will differ depending on the size of the oranges. If a medium sized orange is used, there will be about six oranges.

What is the size of the softball used for girls little league?

A 10 inch softball is used for little league but in 12u you change to a 12 inch softball.

What is a good name for a slow-pitch softball team wearing orange and green?

the turtles