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its used for the runner to step on at first so that they dont get in the first basemans way

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Q: What is the orange bag used for softball?
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Whats an extended first base in softball?

An extended first based in softball is known as a double bag as well. It is an orange bag that is in foul territory. A runner that is running straight through first base is entitled to the orange base, leaving the first baseman the white base to make the play. This is just to prevent unnecessary collisions at first base, as a safety precaution. It is an optional addition to fields.

Why does first base in softball have an orange and white square?

To prevent accidents from happening if the first base man and runner collide. The runner is able to veer off by going to the orange bag and the first base man is able to catch the ball from the white part of the bag.

Define the word bag in softball?

Saying the 'bag' in softball is referencing the base. It could be any of the bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Home). "He never touched the bag" would mean the player never touched the base.

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