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the turtles

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2009-07-08 19:30:19
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Q: What is a good name for a slow-pitch softball team wearing orange and green?
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What are good softball names for girls wearing green?

Green machine?

What is a good name for a girls softball team wearing green?

swiniging sweethearts Venom

What is a good fastpitch softball team name for girls wearing lime green?

the destroyers

What colors are the mannequins in Evil Panda NOT wearing?

orange and green

Wearing orange on Saint Patrick's Day?

Typically green is worn on Saint Patrick's Day. Wearing orange may symbolize one is not Irish or that they do not like to wear green.

What is a good softball team name for girls wearing lime green?

My team was lime green too.. we were call the "Lightning Bolts."

What is a good softball team name for kids 6 and under wearing green with yellow letters?

My opinion: The Mavericks

What is the difference in wearing green purple or orange on St Patricks day?

Lol potatoes

What does orange stand for on Saint Patrick's Day?

Orange and Green are the colors of the opposing religions. Until recently, Ireland has been in the middle of a viscious religious war. Those who are neither Irish nor Catholic have been advocated to not take sides by wearing green on March 17. For those who are Protestant, perhaps you might consider wearing orange.

Are you wearing green?

Yes! I am sooooooOOOOOOOOoooooo wearing green!

What is the connection between the color orange and St. Patrick's Day?

Ireland's flag is orange, white and green. Southern Ireland's "theme" colour is green but northern Ireland's colour is orange. Irish Catholics were considered "Green", Irish Protestants were considered "Orange". Wearing Green on St. Patricks day is effectively declaring yourself to be in support of Irish Catholics. Many in Ireland consider people in the U.S. to be incredibly naive to take sides and not know that they have offended all of the Irish Protestants when we make a big show of wearing green on St. Patricks day.

Are orange and green Game Boy rare?

Green and orange game boys rare yes. Green ones and green only no. Orange and orange only kind of. But a green and orange game boy is rare. My first game boy was orange and green. :P

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