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To score the highest amount of points. There are two ways of scoring. A hurling goal is like a soccer goal and a Rugby goal stuck together, or like a soccer goal with posts extending well above the crossbar. Putting the ball over the crossbar is called a point and gives one point. Putting the ball into the goal is called a goal and is worth 3 points.

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Q: What is the object of the game hurling?
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How hurling began?

It is not known who invented Hurling as it is a very ancient game. References to Hurling have been found as far back as 1272BC.

Hurling is the national game of which country?


What does to make someone hurl mean?

In the normal context it would mean to make someone vomit. Hurl can also be throwing something, so you could be making them throw an object. Hurling is one of Ireland's national sports, so it could mean to make them play the game of Hurling.

Irish Gaelic name for hurling stick?

The Irish Gaelic name for hurling stick is camán (hurling stick). A camóg (camogie stick) is somewhat smaller and is used by women in the game of camogie

What game is similar to hockey?

Lacrosse and Hurling are two examples.

What is Ancient Gaelic game similar to hockey or shinty?


Will ea sports ever make a hurling game for the ps3?


What has the author Arthur Ivan Rabey written?

Arthur Ivan Rabey has written: 'Hurling at St Columb' -- subject(s): Hurling (Game)

Who were the first people to invent hurling?

Hurling is mentioned in Manuscripts dating back to the twelfth century in Ireland a game similar to Hurling is played in scotland its called Shinty . The First rules and Organisation of the Game took place in 1888 in Ireland, The Organisation is called The Gaelic Athletic Association or GAA

Why is camogie not called hurling?

Camogie is the women's variation of Hurling. There are some differences in the rules, so they are not the exact same game, hence the use of a different name.

What is the national game of Ireland?

Ireland has two major national games of equal importance. They are Hurling and Gaelic Football. The two sports are related, though very different. Gaelic Football is the more popular, but Hurling is the more unique. It is the fastest field game in the world, and a highly skilled game.

What has the author Joe Lennon written?

Joe Lennon has written: 'The playing rules of football and hurling 1884-1995' -- subject(s): Gaelic football, Hurling (Game)