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West indies and Australia

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2012-10-08 09:08:30
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Q: What is the name of t20 cricket worldcup winner countries till now?
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What is the original name of worldcup trophy?

The football cup was called The Jules Rimmet trophy, the cricket cup was called the Prudential cup in 1983.

Who is the youngest player ICC worldcup cricket and his country name?

Talha Jubair of Bangladesh is the youngest player (17yrs. 07d) to play at the World Cup in 2002/2003

Name of the goalkeeper that has the most cleansheet in worldcup?

It is Walter Zega of Italy.

What was the name of FIFA worldcup trothy?

It is called the F.i.F.A world cup.

Name the countries playing in Asia Cup cricket 2010?

India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh

Name the cricket player who has played for two countries during icc world cup?

Eoin Morgan

Name the cricket player who has played for two countries during his career?

Dirk Nannes played for Australia and Netherland Keepler Wessels played for Australia and South Africa. He was first cricket player to play for two countries.

Name the 101 countries that plays international cricket?

So many countries do not play international cricket. The teams that play international cricket are: * India * Pakistan * Sri Lanka * Bangladesh * Australia * New Zealand * West Indies * England * South Africa * Kenya * Ireland * Scotland

What is the birth name of Bea Winner?

Bea Winner's birth name is Beatrice Winner.

What is the species name of a cricket?


What was the name of football used in fifa worldcup 2010?

It is called jabulani, and it is made by Adidas.

What is the birth name of Jeff Winner?

Jeff Winner's birth name is Jeffrey Paul Winner.

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