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2010 fifa world cup the ball that was used the name of it is JABULANI

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2010-08-05 08:42:07
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Q: What is the name of ball which use in FIFA worldcup?
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When first mascot use in football worldcup?

1966 fifa world cup

Which soccer ball do the professionals use?

The Jabulani FIFA 2010 soccer ball

What kind of brand of ball do they use in the FIFA World Cup?

An Adidas Jabulani

How do you curl the ball in FIFA 13?

Use Rt + Shoot button to help the ball curve. Curving the ball is a very nice technique to help the ball get at the back of the net even when there are alot of players barring you.

What is EFA in FIFA 09?

EFA is the name used in FIFA 09 to represent the UEFA Tournament. They could not get the license to use the UEFA name and had to make it shorter.

How much does a FIFA football cost?

The name of the World Cup 2010 ball is "Jabulani". The EXACT SAME ball (called match ball) that the teams use is $150 (and worth every penny, I have one). The replica ball is only $30 and isn't really a good ball. Please see the related link. They will have a better description of each ball. I recommend the match ball.

What is your FIFA 13 username?

It is the name you use to uniquely identify yourself in the game.

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two ways to use it is to use it as a soccer ball and use it as a golf ball

What is the name of the ball you use in shot put?

it is called a serve

Are there Cheats for FIFA 10 on PS2?

No FIFA doesn't use cheats in its football games except for FIFA street games.

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You could use hank or ball.

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It's called a birdie.

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