What is the name of player who play ice hockey?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Sidney Crosbie play Ice Hockey !

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Q: What is the name of player who play ice hockey?
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What is the name of an aggressive defence ice hockey player?


Can you only play ice hockey in Canada?

NO? you can play hockey any where there is ice

How do you play non-ice hockey?

you can play floor hockey, roller hockey, or field hockey

Did bob Meyers ever play for the Beatles?

If you mean the 1952 Olympic ice hockey player. No.

Why do hockey players have to play on ice?

You don't have to just play on ice,you can play street hockey,Toledo Ohio has a huge street hockey i play in and its real fun. and you can do field hockey,so there are many ways.

In which sport do you play with a puck?

The Game of Ice hockey is played with a Puck.

What is a shortened name for ice hockey?

Hockey. Hottest Thing on Ice

What do you use to play ice hockey?

a hockey stick a puck

What rink do they play ice hockey in Denmark?

A hockey rink.

What footwear does a hockey player wear?

a ice hockey boot

Who is the wrost ice hockey player?


Under water hockey?

Is for dusters who can't play hockey on ice