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NO? you can play hockey any where there is ice

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Q: Can you only play ice hockey in Canada?
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Related questions

Why does Canada love ice hockey?

Since Canada is in the northern part of the earth, it's a lot colder. When it's cold you have ice. When you have ice you play hockey.

What do kids in Canada do for fun?

play ice hockey

How many people play ice hockey in Canada?

Well even though ice hockey is Canada's national WINTER sport (and lacrosse being the summer national sport ), hockey is not the most played in our beautiful capital! Soccer is the most played sport in Canada. Now i can not tell you the exact number of people who play hockey in Canada or even an estimation, but i do now that the percentage of people who play ice hockey in Canada is 24% of our youth population, and our total percentage is 37%. My resource is a book called 'Whats the Answer".

People like to play ice-hockey there?

canada or india

Is ice hockey only played in India?

No. It is played in other places besides India. Canada is famous for ice hockey.

How many people play ice hockey in the Canada?

Dusty flow

What is the difference between floor hockey and ice hockey?

Floor Hockey you play on grass,ice hockey you play on ice

Can girls play hockey?

Yes, in Canada there is a womens hockey team that won a game then celebrated by smoking cigars on the ice!

Where was ice hockey invented?

Canada created ice hockey.

Where do they play ice hockey?

people play ice hockey in an ice rink.

Do they play football?

If and only if they are playing ice hockey.

Why is ice hockey such a big part in Canada's culture?

why is ice hockey such a big part of Canada's culture

What is the importance of ice hockey to Canada?

Hockey is the official sport in canada, also hockey was created in canada. So hockey very popular in canada.

What kind of sports do people from Vancouver Canada play?

A good amount of people from Vancouver play ice hockey.

Who was credited for inventing ice hockey?

British soldiers stationed in northern Canada were credited for inventing and being the first to play hockey.

In Canada what is a special game they play?

Lacrosse is the official sport of Canada. Ice Hockey is the official winter sport of Canada

Why do Canadians play ice hockey?

Canadians play ice hockey cause it's who made ice hockey famous in the world

Where was ice hockey made?

ice hockey was invented in Canada in 19 century.

Did Canada start ice hockey?

Yes . Ice hockey did start in Canada . It began in the 1800s and became indoor in 1875 .

What nations play hockey?

There are over 60 countries that are members of the International Ice Hockey Federation, however, only 46 of these actually ice teams in sanctioned world hockey championships at various levels. The top hockey playing countries are Canada, United States, Sweden, Russia,Czech Republic,Finland, Switzerland, Slovakia and Germany. For a complete list of hockey playing nations, please check the International Ice Hockey Federation website at .

Is hockey a year around sport?

it can be. usually though most people play ice hockey in the winter and only seldomly play road/ roller hockey in the summer

What is the start of play called in play ice hockey?

Do you "bully off" in ice hockey?

What is the name of player who play ice hockey?

Sidney Crosbie play ice hockey !

Ice hockey is the national sport of what country?

Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada.

Where comes the words hockey?

the word ice hockey comes from the word " ice hurley" which was a form of ice hockey played in Canada in the 1800